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To Hugh Washington from James Bolton (London residence)

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moonage Dear Mr. Washington,

I hope you are well. I am writing to you from London. Evidently, your advice at our last meeting, about avoiding regrets, had some effect on me, because I decided to come here to see the lady in person. I am pleased to report that our affection has been rekindled, but unfortunately other events have subsequently transpired, and I find myself in the position of now having to defend the lady against an attacker.

I know that the period of my acquaintance with you has been short, but I had the impression that you might be sympathetic to my desire to engage in a duel with the scoundrel who has injured my fiancee. As such, I am writing to request you to travel to London and serve as my second. If you do not have relatives or friends to stay with in London, I would be glad to offer you my own hospitality.

The duel will occur in a week hence. I await your reply.

James Bolton
Posted 10 months ago
Hugh Washington Mr. Bolton,

I write in haste and must keep this brief so that it makes the return post. I will arrive in London in two days. We can discuss the grievance and terms then.

Hugh Washington
Posted 10 months ago
Hugh Washington P.S.

I will require lodgings.
Posted 10 months ago

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