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To Viscount Ericson, from James Bolton

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moonage Sir,

I will skip the opening pleasantries that typically accompany a letter between acquaintances, and get right to the point. You assaulted my fiancee. If your motive was to get my attention, you have succeeded.

I realize that normally a gentleman would write and demand an apology, and a lot of letter-writing would be exchanged back and forth between the injured party and the injurer, but the bruised hand-print on Miss Halliwell's arm impels me to get straight to the point a second time. You and I will be dueling in a week's time.

I await your response naming your second and your weapon of choice.

James Bolton.
Posted 10 months ago
Katerina Mr. Bolton,

I have been awaiting your letter and am surprised it has so slowly. I had expected your /threat/, as it were, to arrive within the hour of my departure from the stables. You seem to not be as caring of the lady as I had thought, a shame really.

As you got directly to the point, I shall as well. Regarding the bruise on Miss Halliwell's arm, I am not sure to what you are referring. The lady and myself had a pleasant interlude, it was /most/ pleasing to see her again. And as it seems she enjoys scandalous behavior presently with yourself and as you have admitted to me, in a sense, that you have....taken liberties her as well, I thought I would visit her to test my theories. To which I was not disappointed. I would like to of course thank you for paying off my debts, but ruining my face by breaking my nose I could not simply let lie. Which also compelled me to visit Miss Halliwell, alone.

I find your challenge of a duel to be hilarious at best. I will have to speak with my acquaintances regarding a second, I do believe you have met a few of them. But I doubt of course you would continue your quest to duel a peer and await your reply withdrawing the challenge. Or perhaps you may write to me saying you have decided to give me Miss Halliwell, as your own apology for the breakage of my nose.

Viscount William Ericson
Posted 10 months ago

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