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Body Found!

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SideOfFries ((The following is general gossip heard about the village of Tyrehampton))

Authorities Seek Help in Identifying Body Found in Aftermath of Storm

Authorities are seeking help in identifying the body of a man found near the cliffs in the days after the recent blizzard. His clothing would indicate he was a gentleman of some worth, but so far no one has reported anyone as missing. There were no papers on the body to indicate the man's name or identity. Found with the body, clutched to the man's chest, was a copy of Newton's Principia.

Anyone with any information as to the identity of the body is encouraged to step forward.
Posted 10 months ago
Hugh Washington Mr. Graves arrived at the base of the cliffs, driving an enclosed wagon. He pulled the twin black steeds to a stop, which elicited bellowing exhales and the scrape of hooves against the hard ground. A collection of officials were already there and they parted way for Mr. Graves as if to touch him might bring about the plague.

Mr. Graves stood over the sheet they had used to cover the body. The curve of the head and the bend of the was clearly showed by the taunt nature of their apexes upon the sheet. Who died with sitted with their legs cross like a child seated before the chalkboard? Without hesitation, Mr.Graves turned his walking stick around and utilized the peck of the raven ornament to pry back the sheet.

Caw! Caw! Caw! He thought to himself.

His eyes beheld the splendor of a body frozen to death. Blue lips opened to the oral cavity. Jaw slightly askew. The pale skin had yet to bloat, but the eyes has just start to gloss. The hands were curled as if trying to climb the book of Newton's Principia in his hands. He used the raven's head to push at the hands, which took great effort to get to move. Frozen through and through.

He would have to thaw him before he could cut into him.

"Ready for me to take it now?" Mr. Graves inquired aloud. To which the authorities unsteadily agreed. "Load it." He stated curtly, speaking to his employees, four men of yellowed eyes and cracked teeth. Mr. Graves walked back to the wagon and opened his own side door to the back. He liked to sit with the bodies.


The corpse was carried like a vase between two men. One at the back to keep it from tipping. It was loaded head first and the four men arranged themselves outside of the compartment. Two in the front and two on the back. With the crack of the whip. The horses reared and started through the investigational crowd to return back to Graves' Funeral Services.

Mr. Grave's stared at the body pulled away the sheet. He lowered from the cushioned bench and sat crossed legged before the hollow flesh. "Who did you belong to?" He asked the unseeing eyes. "Why were you up here in the storm?"

The wagon hit a bump and the body slumped over before Mr. Graves could catch it. The ear chipped. "CAREFUL!" He shrieked.

Back inside the funeral home, Mr. Graves had the body laid down on the metal table. The room was kept hot to aid in the thawing. Icy slush dropped from the body and clothes and drained into the blood groves, collected in a bucket below.
Posted 10 months ago
sideoffries ((The constable has started to make inquiries about town as he fears for his job to have an obvious member of the gentry dead in the village and he has no idea who to contact as next of kin. If no one comes forward to identify Mr. Sinclair, then Mrs. Hatch will do so soon.))
Posted 10 months ago
sideoffries When word of the body reached Mrs. Hatch, she quietly resolved to see if she could be of assistance. She made contact with the constable who discreetly escorted her to the body. She was able to identify him as Mr. Charles Sinclair and agreed to write a letter to his family. She sent two letters, one to London and one to Oswell Park. Both letters were identical and stated that Mr. Sinclair's body was being kept under the care of Mr. Graves in Tyrehampton, but she did not detail the manner of Mr. Sinclair's death.

The letter was received by the Sinclairs in London and his step-mother, Lady Sinclair, informed her husband that she would go to collect the body as Sir Alexander had immediately pressing matters to attend to. She was in the carriage and on the road within the hour: her luggage was light, her footmen were large, and her heart was black.

((Players may now assume this is common knowledge if they wish to whisper or talk about this as a form of gossip IC.))

Posted 10 months ago

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