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In Which Lucia Mabry Confronts Her Brother Horace

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Jumbled Mind The sitting room of the Mabry home was rather cozy and peaceful as Horace sat down to catch up on his correspondence. He was just about to put pen to paper when the soft rustle of skirt caught his attention. Looking up, he saw a rather irate looking Lucia standing in the doorway. 'Oh no, this cannot bode well', he mused before asking “I say Lucia, whatever is the matter?”

“Well, brother mine, I just had an encounter most distressing.” She quickly glided over to the nearby couch to sit, rather stiffly. Horace blinked, unsure of how to proceed for something in her manner made him uneasy. After receiving no response, Lucia continued “Well, I was talking a walk through Tyrehampton as one does, when I encountered a scruffy but rather charming canine outside of Mrs. Hatch’s.” This statement confused Horace further as now he half expected the potential this was an elaborate joke. Hesitantly he asked “Is the dog the source of your distress?” Lucia was pleased by his discomfort as she had a suspicion as to his involvement in recent events, snapped back “The dog, Willis is his name, is a perfect gentleman.”

At this, Horace gave a perplexed look. "Where have I heard that name before?....." Then, as realization dawned on his face, he quickly attempted to put on a placid expression of bemusement, but it was too late. Lucia, witnessing it all, had a smile akin to a cat who had just cornered a mouse. “I suppose I don’t have to tell you just which person this fine dog is acquainted with. Now, the only thing I have yet to determine is why this dog and his person are in Tyrehampton of all places. Honestly, who just decides to come here!”

“Well, myself for one” a response came from the doorway.

A startled Lucia and Horace turned towards to voice to see Theo, cheery as always, putting on her bonnet. “Oh pay me no mind” she waved with an air of good ease. “I was just about to run some errands and was curious if either of you need anything. Do not worry, I only heard a snippet of what appears to be a dreadfully serious conversation about a dog.” She laughed to herself at the last bit. Lucia and Horace, composure slightly regained, both shook their heads. “Very well then, I shan't be gone long. Take care not to stress yourselves too much over…..whatever it is.” At this she departed, humming a merry tune to herself.

Once she was certain her sister was gone, Lucia turned her temper back to Horace, who flinched slightly. “I do not know the details, but something tells me this is your fault” she hissed. “You see how happy dear Theo is. It would be a shame if that were to cease. Why, no doubt that would be enough cause us to relocate permanently back to London, away from all the delightful people you have met here.” She emphasizes the last bit, to conjure the image of a particular lady in his mind without having to say her name. By the quick blush that crossed Horace’s face, she figured she succeeded.

Standing up in haughty satisfaction, she continued with her threatening tone “If you have nothing to say for yourself just yet, I suggest you think of a way to set this right. The gentledog Willis seems to be quite the regular at Mrs. Hatch’s, should you find that of use.” With that, she glided out of the room, leaving Horace shaken. His mind racing over all that had been said and unsaid, as well as what, if anything, he should do next.
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