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Bay James' Discovers an Opinion Part 2

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Baleigh When I got back to my home Lizzie walked up to me with a confused look on her face.
"Bay, who is Dan?"
"What?" I asked still feeling worn out from the day's events.
"When I overheard, Lady Fortune said something about how your money might be the reason you had refused Dan or something like that."
The wheels turned in my head and I knew what she was talking about. "Captain Fortune is Lady Fortune's brother, that was who she was talking about, and I don't dislike him because I think I'm better than him, I dislike him because of his person. He was so flirtatious, it was like he had no shame in the world, I've never liked men like that." I looked down. "Plus, I don't think the work he does is entirely legal and I could never be with someone like that. I want someone who is honest in all aspects of their lives."
"He sounds awful," she said shuddering. "I'm sure he'll be all over you though, now that this has slipped out."
Oh, and whose fault would that be?" I asked crossing my arms over my chest.
"I really am sorry," she said.
I gave her a smile, "I know you are, just please be more careful about what you let slip out. After all, I'd rather people think I was a poor fool than a rich one." I laughed at that.
"I'm glad to see that you're not letting it get to you," she said giving me a grin.
"I am still hurt by it, but if they want to think that way, that's their problem," I said holding my head up high.
"That's why we're friends, you're so strong."
I gave my friend a smile before we walked into the parlor and drank some tea. I knew that I couldn't control what others thought of me, but that didn't mean I had to be upset about it.
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