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Bay James' Surprise Visitor

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Baleigh I heard a knock on my door early that morning and sent Mary to go see who it was with me close behind her. No sooner had the door been opened then Lizzie Wright sashayed into my home.
"Lizzie?" I am sure that I had a look of shock on my face as she walked into the room and threw her arms around me. "What on earth are you doing here?"
"Surprise!" she said letting go of me and throwing her hands up in the air. "I came to visit you for a few days."
"With no warning?"
"Ah, what would've been fun about me telling you?" Lizzie had always done things her own way, and the one thing she loved doing was surprising people, she always loved doing the unexpected and seeing the reactions of people in return. It brought her a strange sort of pleasure.
"How long are you here for?" I asked leading her into my small parlor where we could sit down and talk more comfortably. "Mary, please go put on a pot of tea?" My maid gave me a curtsey before she hurried of to do her work.
"Why do you only have one maid?" Lizzie asked me after the tea was delivered and she had taken a quick sip. "You could afford an entire ensemble of help, and a much bigger house too." She looked around my small parlor before looking back at me.
"I don't want any more help or a bigger house," I said cooly.
"You might be the only person who is going to have a total of fifty thousand pounds by the end of the year who doesn't want to use it."
"I just don't like the idea of money," I said looking down. Fifty thousand pounds. My inheritance. The money that my father had been so gracious to give me. I received twenty thousand of it when he died, and i would get the rest by the end of the year when I turned twenty-one. I had spent hardly any of the twenty thousand pounds. In fact all I had bought was a few ballgowns and some new dresses. I could not think of the idea of money.
"How do you expect to find a husband if you refuse to let anyone know of your financial situation?" She asked.
"I want someone to love me for me," I said softly. "Not because my parents decided to give me a large fortune."
"You could have had anyone you wanted in Bath, Bay," she said softly. "So, why did you leave and come here, to this village in the middle of nowhere?"
"Because everyone in Bath only wanted me for my money," I replied with a shrug. "Besides, I am growing to like it here."
"Are you sure?
"Yes. I am sure, Lizzie," I said suddenly exhausted of the conversation. "There is lots of drama going on though."
"I'm sure you know all about it too," she said giving me a smirk. "Are you still hearing things you aren't supposed to?"
The way I felt my cheeks color gave me away and she gave me a triumphant grin. "You always knew what was going on with everybody, but you never used it to any advantage."
I shrugged. "I guess I just wanted to know what was going on. I always hated being out of the loop."
"I think I'm going to walk to the next village over, Tyrehampton, would you like to come with me?"
"I'll pass," I said with a small smile. "I've been there enough over the past few days."
She gave me a small smile before standing up and walking out the door. I let out a sigh of relief before I sat back down and watched her walk down the path until I couldn't see her anymore.

Posted 1 week ago
HGrey ((Paging Captain Fortune, Captain Fortune, please come to the white courtesy phone))
Posted 1 week ago
Baleigh (Haha!)
Posted 1 week ago
HGrey ((Just to be clear, Dan as a fortune hunter is Grey’s in opinion, based in part on jealousy and in part on snobbery- anything concrete. And he thought it, didn’t say it))
Posted 1 week ago
Baleigh ( I understand, our characters aren't us, they have different opinions.)
Posted 1 week ago
kendrafortune ((Yeah Dan's a good boy. Ish.))
Posted 1 week ago
HGrey ((But Grey’s official position is to nod gravely and then smirk up his sleeve))
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