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Spencer Has Tea with THE Atticus Foxx

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MyLadyTeri3 ((This is a collaboration between the players of Nadine Adams/Rosemary Adams/Atticus Foxx and Spencer Chichester.))

Spencer, deciding he'd best avoid the estate grounds for a little while until he figures out what to do with that mess, leaves Alex's home and heads down the lane away from the center of Tyrehampton. He has not yet been this way and the weather is exceedingly fine for a walk. He is wearing his top hat, of course, along with a dark gray silk jacket and copper brocade waistcoat. He hums to himself, something he heard Silas practicing at some point or another. Quite the lovely voice on quite the lovely man. He passes a few quaint-looking houses along the road and admires them. Charming. For this small village, anyway. Seem a bit on the small side for his tastes.

A woman's laugh floats over the roof of number 44 Low. It is such an amazing and nice day, Nadine decides to take tea with her brother outside today. She smiles as she glances back at Atticus who is helping Rosemary collect ants in a glass jar with a bit of sand.

"Atticus, if that jar breaks in my house you retrieving every single ant that gets loose, so I suggest you count them now so you'll know when you can stop looking." She smirks and shakes her head as she turns back to cutting flowers for the table.

Spencer hears a laugh and immediately the image of Mrs. Adams laughing on the floor of her pub comes to mind. He looks around but sees no one in his immediate vicinity. Still, he is rather curious to know if it /was/ her or not. He isn't just going to barge into someone's yard though. Ahead he sees a little path that looks like it leads around to the backside of the row of houses. He shrugs and follows it around, keeping an eye out for the source of the laugh.

She hears footsteps coming up the steps from the front of the house to the back and leans over the fence, curls falling over her shoulder and blowing about in the slight breeze. She smirks. "Lord Chichester! How do you do." She raises a challenging brow. "Come to stalk my brother?" She teases.

"How do you do, Mrs. Adams!" Spencer grins widely and doffs his top hat, happy to see her, but at the mention of her brother his eyes go wide and he looks around. "Lawks! No...he isn't around, is he?" He lowers his voice considerably. "I hadn't thought... er... wasn't prepared to, uh..."

She smirks and turns, crossing her arms. "Atticus, have you been acquainted with Lord Chichester?"

Atticus looks up from his task and stands, brushing off his breeches. "I have not, to my knowledge, why?" He walks to the gate and leans over, giving a wave, remembering himself, and offering a bow. Nadine pokes his side and he jumps out of it. "Don't bother, he is a degenerate." She winks at Lord Chichester and moves to open the gate. "We are just about to sit for tea, do to join us?"

Spencer freezes, looking back and forth between Mrs. Adams and Mr. Foxx. Ordinarily he would have laughed at the comment about being a degenerate but it barely even registers. Finally he removes his hat and moves forward toward Mr. Foxx, who, as he can't help noticing, is even more attractive up close than he was in the ring. "Atticus Foxx! I'm sorry, /Mr./ Foxx, I mean. I've seen many of your matches and bet on you quite a bit! You certainly know how to handle your fists, eh wot? Keen as mustard to meet you. It's an honor. Just an honor. Lawks! Might I shake your hand, sir?"

Atticus looks at the man, a bit gobsmacked to meet a fan. He hasn't experienced this is quite some time. Nadine chuckles. "He wants to shake your hand /Mr./ Foxx..." She looks back to Lord Chichester and laughs again, walking away from the gate to get the tea from Miss Holland and request another cup.

Atticus gives a double take to Nadine and clears his throat, springing back into action. "Well...I suppose it would be rude to refuse a Lord." He narrows his gaze at Nadine wondering how /she/ knew him and turned back to the man, holding out his hand. "Well, I am happy to have been a reliable source of income, Lord Chichester!"

Spencer shakes the man's hand, feeling stunned. He was shaking /Atticus Foxx's/ hand. The very hand that had knocked out several fellows in record time. "The pleasure is all mine, truly. Faith, when I arrived in this sleepy little village never would I have imagined a trump such as yourself would be here. This is absolutely cracking!" He grins, flashing his dimples at Mr. Foxx, and realizes he is still shaking the man's hand. He stops. "I'm afraid meeting you has made me a bit spoony."

Atticus chuckles at the length of the shake and waves his hand dismissively when it is released. "Not to worry, I appreciate the attention." He grins and turns back to his sister and then back to the Lord. "If you've nowhere in particular to be you are of course welcome to join us."

Nadine takes the extra cup from Miss Holland and waves it at Lord Chichester.

"Oh! Oh of course!" Spencer looks over at Mrs. Adams and remembers that she had asked him to tea. "Having tea with you both would be all the go, far as I'm concerned." He enters through the gate and spies the little girl there as well and searches his memory for a moment on her name. "Hello, Miss Rosemary, isn't it?" He grins and bows to her.

Nadine raises her brows, impressed. Rosemary turns around at her name, holding the jar with the ants and grins. "Chichster!" She exclaims. Nadine tilts her head. "Love, he is a Lord. How about a curtsy for the gentleman?"

Rose purses her lips and nods, dipping into a half-hearted curtsy and skips up to him. She holds up the jar. "Uncle Atticus got me a jar so I can watch the ants dig!" She beams.

Nadine smiles lovingly at her daughter. "Rosemary is not familiar with the idea of a stranger. Forgive her forward nature." She turns back to the tea. "How do you take your tea?"

Spencer glances from the little girl to her mother. "Bit of milk and sugar, if you please, Mrs. Adams." He kneels down and looks at the jar. "Law--" He stops himself from using the slang term in front of the little girl. "Goodness, how many ants have you found there?"

"Four and twenty!" Atticus chimes up and looks to Nadine, tapping his temple with a sarcastic smile.

"Oh, I found more, Uncle Atticus!"

"Did you?" He snaps his head back to her. "/How many more?/"

Rosemary shrugs and hands her uncle the jar who accepts it with a perplexed look. He opens his mouth to speak to Nadine but she cuts in, "Ooooh, I don't want to hear it Atticus, you had just better hope an accident does not befall the collection."

She smirks and looks down at Rose who was climbing into a chair. "But perhaps we should only keep them for a day or two, hm? They would be much happier back in the garden."

Rosemary nods and looks up at her mother. "Mummy can I have my own cup?"

"No, little bug, you may share mine." She fixes the Lord's tea and hands it to him.

Atticus sighs and sets the jar on the window sill and smiles. "So you are from London, I presume? Are you enjoying your time in the country?"

"Thank you, Mrs. Adams!" Spencer rises and takes the cup from her with a smile. He looks to Mr. Foxx and blushes a little that this fellow should want to know something about him. He was having tea with /Atticus Foxx/! "From London, yes, born and raised. I'm staying with my good friend Alexander Stanton, whom you did not mention was practically your neighbor when last we spoke, Mrs. Adams. That's not on." But he grins, not bothered in the least. "I am enjoying my time here, yes...more than I thought though I've already managed to get into a few scrapes. It seems to be what I do best." He takes a sip of his tea. "Mrs. Adams said something about you working with wood now, was it? No more boxing, eh wot?"

"A few scrapes already? However did you manage that? Did you forget your charms?" She teases.

Atticus smiles at him and accepts his tea from Nadine and takes a sip. "Indeed. I am a settled married man and if I care to live long enough to see my niece grown then I figured I ought to stop taking hits to the head." He chuckles.

Spencer grins at Mrs. Adams. "The opposite, I'm afraid. I remembered my charms a little /too/ well for my own good." He considers going into more detail. Even wouldn't mind getting her opinion on the matter, but it might not be suitable for little ears. He gives her a sheepish look before shaking his head incredulously at Mr. Foxx. "/Atticus Foxx/, a tenant for life! I never would have believed it had I not heard it with my own ears. Quite the family man now then, is it?"

Nadine stifles a laugh and shakes her head as she fixes her own cup and takes a seat, chatting quietly with Rose.

Atticus laughs. "Yes if you told me before I arrived that I would be living this life I would have laughed in your face." He smirks. "But I wouldn't trade it, honestly. I found a woman and fell head over heels and dedicated my life to convincing her she couldn't live without me." He chuckles. "She is wonderful, and far more than I deserve.”

Nadine chimes up. "But we are lucky and glad to have her, it's certainly easier keeping an eye on you knowing you're only normally one of..." She looks up, counting quietly, her head bobbing along. "...four places.."

"Dedicate your life convincing her she couldn't live without you? Good form, I like that." Spencer considers the phrase and what it might mean. He has never done that. Fallen head over heels, yes. Constantly. But he's never had to convince someone to feel similarly and wonders if he would even bother or just move on to the next. "How does one do that, I wonder?"

"Persistence in the face of her staunch and frightening housemaid is key." Atticus winks.

Nadine smiles. "He was surprisingly romantic. He asked her to marry him by making her an entire bedroom set and professing that he hoped they'd share it in their own home one day." She raises her brows playfully at her brother.

Atticus runs a hand through his hair and laughs nervously. "Nadine... honestly..." He takes a sip as she chuckles.

"Bravo, that /is/ terribly romantic! If only I were at all handy with wood I could do something similar." That sounded odd to him--not exactly as he had intended. He blushes and takes a drink of his tea. "Have you been married long?"

"Oh, I would say nearly a year now." Atticus grins and takes a sip of tea. "Best year of my life, that much is certain."

"It's true." Nadine chimes in. "I have been there for the other years. No contest really." She smirks.

Spencer looks between Mrs. Adams and her brother and grins. "Faith, it must be nice to have a sibling around, keeping you level-headed and even-keeled."

"Is it?" Atticus smirks at Nadine. "Could have fooled me."

Nadine rolls her eyes and takes a sip and turns to Rose to help her manage the now half-full cup. “Lord Chichester have you had an opportunity to partake in any of the Tyrehampton society yet?”

Spencer looks surprised at the question. "I've met a few ladies--Miss Upton and Lady Aurelia Vane--both of whom were all the crack, but I haven't seen or heard of any proper society events. Have you a Beau Monde here? I didn't think to ask Alex, just assumed there wasn't much of anything." He takes a quick sip of his tea and smiles. "I'd be keen as mustard for a good party, eh wot?"

She laughs. "Well, nothing that I am likely to be invited to, so I would not know. However, I believe there are a few ladies of station with names of value staying as guests in the estate, and on occasion they do put together a dinner for friends and acquaintances." She thinks a moment. "The Duke of York, I believe....yes...his daughter is a guest there at present."

"Faith, the Duke of York's daughter, eh wot?" Spencer looks impressed at this. "Think I met her at a ball once. Not entirely sure." He scratches at the back of his neck. "I tend to be three sheets to the wind at those things more often than not, so some details get a trifle hazy. Are there any sorts of things around here that you /would/ be invited to, Mrs. Adams?"

"Oh all sorts of commoner squabbles, I imagine." She chuckles.

"Alice heard a whisper of a harvest festival in a few weeks I believe." Atticus says before picking up Rose, who resolves into a fit of giggles as he holds her on his lap.

"Rosie, wouldn't that be a treat?" Nadine says with a smile.

Spencer seems skeptical. Isn't harvests something farmers have? Will they have to sort crops? "Harvest festival, Mr. Foxx? Any idea what sorts of things go on at a harvest festival?"

Atticus chuckles. "Quite. All manner of peasantry pleasantry." He looks very proud of his alliteration.

Nadine laughs and shakes her head... "Atticus, honestly. Lord Chichester is a /fan/. Do not go and give yourself away." She smirks and looks back to Spencer. "There is typically feasting and games and music. A jolly time indeed! Would you be allowed to attend such an event? It would no doubt be a public one."

Atticus stands with Rose. "Please excuse us a moment, I am going to take Rose next door to try and find her a cup. God knows we've more than we can use on our own." He grins and flings her over his shoulder. He bows to the Lord and strolls through the garden gate and next door into his own house, Rosie laughing all the while.

Spencer isn't sure what he should do when /Atticus Foxx/ leaves, so he stands up quickly to bow to the man and then retakes his seat. He turns to Mrs. Adams, brow furrowed, as he had not considered whether he would be allowed to attend events or not. "Lawks! I had not considered the notion....this place seems like an entirely different world from Town, it's hard to think of the two intermingling. I can't see news of a party here reaching the Ton. Not to get anyone's back up here, of course. But there may be people who have London connections... this Duke of York's daughter to be sure..." He sips his tea thoughtfully. "I may be shockingly loose in the haft, but I try to keep it private. My mum's enough worries of her own without my adding more on."

"Well if what I have heard of her is to be believed, you've little to fear from her. I hear she has a great many animals in her care on the estate grounds. All kinds of creatures. Birds, snakes, lizards, strange little mammals." She shrugs. "I suppose what I mean to imply is that a woman of such peculiar interests likely does not care to out you to London." She arches her brow mischievously.

"Lawks! Snakes and lizards?!" Spencer laughs. "That's certainly an odd kick to have in one's gallop! Maybe I could attend after all. You're a fine judge of character, Mrs. Adams, tell me... is there anyone you think I should be concerned about? As far as outing me?"

She purses her lips in thought and sighs. "Oh it has been quite a long time since I have been out and social. I suppose....Mrs. Elmsworth or Mrs. Bolton. I recall both to be rather straight-laced women, and never seen either to have much in the way of humor, but beyond that, I am sorry, but I cannot help you. There are so many new faces I have hardly had the time to meet as of late."

He frowns at the mention of straight-laced women. /Not/ his women of choice. "Please don't apologize. I would not expect you to be social what with all your current obligations. Daughter, the pub, handful of a brother...How you have time to know any of these ladies is a feat in and of itself!" He gives her a dimpled grin. "I would much prefer your company to theirs, I'd wager."

"That is very kind of you to say Lord Chichester. I suppose I am a bit of a novelty amongst women." She smirks, teasing at her unladylike nature. "And all has been well with you since last we spoke?"

"I would certainly agree to that, Mrs. Adams." Spencer takes a sip of tea in order to pause and gather his thoughts. He feels hesitant to talk about what's going on, not wanting Mrs. Adams to think negatively of him. But he doesn't want to be dishonest with her either. "You'll think me bird-witted, no doubt, and as well you should, but it would seem I've developed a fondness for two tempting armfuls. It's quite the scrape as it seems they've both set their cap at me." He gives her another, more sheepish grin.

She smirks. "Perhaps you should give them each a blunt object and allow it to sort itself out." She chuckles into her teacup as she takes another sip.

He blinks, not having expected that reply, and then laughs loudly, nearly upsetting his tea in the process. "Lawks! What a spectacle /that/ would be, eh wot? Save me the trouble of hurting one of them myself, to be sure. I'll just have you deliver the message and the objects, shall I?"

"Happily, but only if I am allowed to tell them a scandalous bit of information the other had said to me...just to get them worked up and ready for a fight." She laughs along with him.

He grins and looks at her admiringly. "How deliciously wicked, Mrs. Adams. I think you've a bit of a hell-born babe in you. Just the good parts, of course. Please tell me you will be at his harvest festival... I think I should find it lacking otherwise."

Her gaze flicks downward and she tilts her head in thought. "I have not decided..." She glances at him. "It is one thing to busy myself with work, but another entirely to enjoy a festival so near to losing him." She sips her tea and looks off toward the edge of the wood.

He winces at his mistake and its effect on her. "Faith, I apologize. Very bad form on my account, Mrs. Adams. You are a much better person than I am, to be sure. I hope you won't be alone, assuming you do not go?"

"I will be." She smiles, and chuckles gently. "But it's quite fine. It's a state I am rather getting used to again, I guess I was never too far from it. I'll find some way to busy myself, I am certain. Besides..." Her eyes flash playfully. "I would hate to take attention from your unwitting birds with my Obviously Superior poise, grace, and beauty. We know you are so easily distracted." She laughs.

He chuckles good-naturedly, but the idea of her being alone while the entire village is off celebrating does not sit well with him. "Well, I have not said I was going either! Perhaps, what with my being a serious Lord and all, I decide the thing to be quite beneath my touch. I just might prefer a walk. Or tea in a garden. Or a game of cards. What then?"

"Well then I would suppose that it is my duty as one of his majesty's subjects to open my home and play host to a Lord of his court. If only to keep him occupied and out of trouble." She smiles. "T'would be the proper and English thing to do, after all."

"Ah yes it would, that." He pretends to look seriously over her house as if deeply considering and weighing the various options. "I accept! If you think yourself up to the task, that is. I'm capable of an extraordinary amount of trouble." He grins widely at her.

"I have a small child, Lord Chichester. They are not very different from a drunk except that they can get into much smaller spaces. Trust that I can handle you quite fine."

He laughs and nods, conceding the point to her. "Consider me assured on that count, eh wot? I will have the utmost faith in your abilities. A novelty amongst women indeed." He finishes his tea, taking a moment to admire the way the sun shines against her hair. "But I'm afraid I have taken up enough of your time, Mrs. Adams. I should shove off and let you continue to enjoy your afternoon with family." He leans in and says more quietly, "And so I don't continue to make a cake of myself in front of Mr. /Atticus Foxx/!"

She laughs and stands. "Your admiration for my brother is very endearing Lord Chichester. I hope you are not too distraught when you find him to be as human as you or I." She curtsies. "It was lovely coming across an opportunity for your company, Lord Chichester. I hope the rest of your day holds up to meeting /the/ Atticus Foxx." She smirks.

He rises quickly. "I thank you for the hospitality. But I don't see how the rest of the day could possibly hold a candle to my time here." He grins and bows deeply to her. "Tally-ho, Mrs. Adams! Until next time!" He puts on his hat and heads back out through the gate that he entered, making his way back to the road.
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