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In Which Mr. Brooks Bows Himself Out of Tyrehampton and Lady Aurelia Is Rejected

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Amy de l'ABC Aurelia wanders the estate gardens for a while before she passes the stables. Upon seeing movement near them, she stops, and finds herself looking at Martin. Putting on her best smile, she walks up to say hello.

Martin is intent on his thoughts and doesn't notice her till she is quite nearby. He bows deeply. "My lady."

"Now, is that any way to greet a lady you have kissed?" she teases, sparkling at him. "Do I get no acknowledgment of the fact?"

"Forgive me your ladyship. My thoughts were elsewhere," he smiles weakly.

"Yet you don't seem to be rushing to repair your error, either." She looks at him more closely. "Why, what's amiss? You are not your usual self." Her tone is light, playful, inviting him to snap out of it.

"Indeed, I do not feel my usual self," he says wistfully. "I am to depart quite soon. I have been dismissed."

Her brows go up and pull together. "Whatever for?" Philip wouldn't have said anything after all this time, would he? It doesn't seem the sort of thing he would do, unless he thought it would help her.

He shrugs slightly though he knows very well what for and says with diplomatic good cheer, "I suppose there are others better suited to the job, my lady."

"Oh, no, I am sure you are quite good at your job!" Aurelia shakes her head. "That is much too bad of them! Shall I hire you myself?" she adds with a sparkling grin. "I have only the one horse, but you might be helpful in other ways."

Martin smiles and bows politely. "You are very gracious, but I have family just slightly north of here and I will be going to visit them for a time."

"Oh. Well, in that case, I wish you a good journey." She takes a step forward. "Now, how shall I say goodbye to you?"

He grins a little, awkward. "I'm afraid I'm quite busy today my lady. Quickly?" His hazel eyes are apologetic.

She pouts. "/How/ quickly?"

"Quite," he says softly.

She's a little annoyed. Is he refusing her entirely? And if so, /why/? It has been some time, true, but surely he isn't upset by that. Surely he didn't think there was anything serious... Taking another step, she eyes him speculatively. "May I not do /anything/ special? I should hate to send you off without a nice goodbye. I /could/ keep it quick, if that is what you wish..."

Martin, says, a bit recklessly, (it's not, he feels, as though he has much to lose.) "No. Thank you, your ladyship."

Put out, Aurelia looks at him for a moment, and then says slowly, eyes slightly narrowed, "I see. You are...quite certain?"

He looks down, but her expression only makes him more certain. /Good luck to you, Spencer/. "I am."

"Very well, then." Her tone is hard and a bit brittle, but she isn't nearly as angry as she might be. She isn't sure why this is. "In that case...I wish you good luck in your endeavors. I expect I had best take my leave."

He bows. "Good afternoon, my lady."

She huffs just slightly and nods. "Good afternoon," she replies, and then stalks off, head held high, lips pressed together, and resentment--though still not fury--swirling inside.
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