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In Which Mr. Brooks Attempts to Put an End to Things with Miss Upton (Pay attention, Spencer, this is how you actually do it )

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Fiona Lavinia lounged behind a bush near Lord Fillintheblank's stables. There were so many deliciously delightful things to look for....Lord Donegal....Mr. Wilson and that little whore.....or perhaps even her dutiful little stableboy. She wore a sky blue gown that highlighted her eyes, not that she liked the color, but it suited her persona, and her dear sweet elderly chaperone thought it looked pretty, ha, not that she cared in the least. She swayed a stem about her head, the petals crushed into dust around her head.

Martin whistles quietly to himself as he goes about cleaning some tack--mudstained by a hard ride. He moves it out in front of the stables again, for the better light and the warming sun. His expression is less cheerful than it usually is, but he still sets to his work with good will.

She hears someone coming and rolls over to see whom it might be, somewhat disappointed with whom she saw, but still stood and giggled. "Oh la! Hello dear sir."

He jumps a little at her sudden appearance. He nods to her with a thoughtful frown, which furrows his brow before he has a chance to notice and school his expression. "Miss Upton." Another mistake. He had never /asked/ her name, only overheard it. He is too distracted to register it yet. "Hello." His frown finally fades and he gives her an awkward smile.

She strolls from behind the bush, petting his face with her gloved had, batting her eyelashes. "Oh la! I have missed you since our last encounter, of course it has not been ever so long, but I do quite enjoy them ever so much."

He catches her wrist gently, immediately uncomfortable. He gives her another awkward smile and lowers it gently to her side. "That's kind, Miss," he says quietly. "But I'm afraid I've got work to catch up on."

She blinks, immediately furious, but changes her expression so it looks as if she is about to cry. "Oh...but I have been without you for ever so long and I do enjoy our time together. I am sure it will not be horrible for you to miss a little bit of work. I..." she pretends to blush. "I have missed your lips upon mine."

He smiles weakly. "I-I really don't think I ought to, Miss Upton. You . . ." You have other admirers. He swears mentally. I can't say that.

She lets a tear stream down her face. "Why ever not." Truly this was bothersome.

He offers her a rough, slightly stained handkerchief and winces, but the square of fabric gives him an idea. "I'm not good enough," he says, earnestly. "The likes of me . . . it's not right, my touching a lady like yourself." He almost says something about better men, but feels again that this is coming a bit too close to the mark.

Oh wasn't he just adorable...Lavinia resisted rolling her eyes. taking the disgusting rag and brushing it quickly upon her eyes, before removing it just as quickly, she did not wish for the filth to be near her. "Oh la! But I ever so much do not mind, in fact I believe only such a kind and generous man as yourself could ever be mine. I care you deeply my darling dear. Please do not say such horrid things.”

"You care for me?" His brows leap together. This is new. And . . . she can't be serious, right? "I-I don't understand."

She had him, truly it was too easy. "Of course I care for you, how ever could I not, we have enjoyed eachother's company much in the past weeks. I quite like to think of you as a companion and ever so much my friend. Now please kiss me, do....your lips are simply the only thing that may cheer me after such a words you have spoken."

He looks away, his mind racing. He really can't kiss her, not after hearing Spencer--Lord Donegal say he loves her. Even if he isn't certain what Spencer means by "love." "I um . . . I'll lose my position if I don't get the work done, Miss. If you truly do value my company, I'm afraid it means being patient for a little," he says shyly and apologetically.

She did not care in the least for his company, only that he was a fun distraction here and again, but she smiled, stepping on her toes to kiss his cheek, if the blaggard wished to continue his work then she would find another, perhaps George was about. "Oh la! Of course, how ever could I have been so foolish as to keep you from your work. I shall see you soon of course my dear heart."

He smiles at her with relief, his cheeks hot. "Thank you. Good day, Miss Upton." He bows and returns to his work, relieved she had not seemed to take great offense. He didn't know what he would do if she decided to be vindictive and take action against him . . . would he dare contact Spencer? Surely not if he /loved/ the woman.

Lavinia returned to the bush, lying back and making horrid faces, well that was a waste of perfectly good minutes, she should be conserving how to further destroy Mr. Wilson....or perhaps she would simply use her knowledge to get exactly what she wished....if dearest Spencer failed to follow through. Not that she would let that happen....but using what she knew to blackmail Mr. Wilson....that was certainly an option.
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