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In Which Spencer Attempts to Put an End to Things with the Mysterious Miss A

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MyLadyTeri3 ((The following scene is a collaboration between the players of Lady Aurelia Vane and Spencer Chichester. It contains kissing and implied sex, but fades to black well before that point.))

Spencer hurries back to Alex’s house, pleasant memories of Miss Upton still dancing around in his mind. He is smiling widely when he enters his friend’s home and sits down at the dining table, just in time for lunch.

Alex smiles. “Ah, there you are, I was fully prepared to start without you.” A servant bustles about the table, uncovering dishes and pouring their drinks before leaving them to it.

“Apologies, Alex. But I’m here to foul a plate with you now! I had the most smashing encounter with a tempting armful named Miss Upton.” Spencer begins helping himself to the food. “And where is Silas? Does he not eat with you?”

“Not usually for lunch, no. Silas spends most of the day in the library studying.”

Spencer makes a face at that. “Well that seems a dreadfully boring thing, eh wot?”

Alex chuckles. “Yes, it does, but I’m proud of him for his efforts. So Miss Upton? I don’t think I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her yet. Is she nice?”

Spencer gets a dreamy look on his face. “Oh, she is very nice. And beautiful. /And/ she’s the sort to pray for her knees upward. Twice even. Just today. It’s why I’m late!”

“Ah, so you’re in love with her.” Alex says. It’s not a question. He is very familiar with how his friend operates.

“Hopelessly,” Spencer agrees, a sheepish grin on his face. “Oh, but I’ve /got/ to ask you… there’s this other lady--the mysterious Miss A. Diamond of the first water, she is! Only she won’t give me her name. You’re such a friendly fellow, surely you know who she is.”

Alex takes a drink of his wine and shakes his head a little, but still smiles.”Miss A? Describe her then. I’ll see what I can do.”

Spencer gets another dreamy look on his face. “She’s a short little thing, about yay high.” He holds up his hand to around the five foot mark. “Blonde hair, perfect blue-green eyes. And she gets this sparkle in them. She looks perfectly angelic, but she’s too ripe and ready by half and I told her as much.”

The descriptions sounds familiar to Alex but he can’t entirely place it. “And her last name starts with A? Miss A?”

Spencer shakes his head. “First name. And it’s not a common name, she says. I guessed all the ones I could think of and they weren’t it. Unless she’s cutting shams with me.”

Immediately Alex thinks of Aria and he panics a little… but no. She isn’t blonde. Blonde and A… He narrows his eyes. “Was she very well dressed? Liked to flirt?”

Spencer grins and nods his head. “You know her? Please tell me her name, man, it’s driving me mad!”

“I believe you are talking about /Lady/ Aurelia Vane. She has tried flirting with me before, but…”

Spencer waves a hand. “Yes, yes, you and Silas don’t have other partners.”

Alex gives him a look. “Spence…”

Spencer holds up both hands in a conciliatory way. “I didn’t say anything about it.”

Later that night…

Once the sun begins to set, Spencer anxiously heads in the direction Alex told him was the river. He tries to practice over and over in his head just what exactly he might say to Miss A… /Lady Aurelia/… he needs to explain the situation with Miss Upton. He hadn’t intended to fall in love so soon, but he can’t help these things. But then he thinks of Lady Aurelia’s lovely face. Her heavenly kisses. What was he going to say? He arrives at the river and starts looking around. He’s early, but he’ll walk around and wait.

Aurelia, despite her strong wish to be early herself, is not. She can't let him think she's too eager. She strolls along the bank until she sees him, and smiles when she does, her face lighting up in a way she can't help. She doesn't call out or anything--far too unladylike, and someone might hear--but she does allow herself a wave, if he sees her, and, as she gets closer, a quiet, "Why, good evening, sir. Fancy meeting you here," with sparkling eyes.

Any anxiety Spencer felt about what to say to her vanishes when he sees her. He grins widely and removes his hat, bowing deeply to her. "Good evening, my mysterious Miss A! Or, should I say /Lady Aurelia/?" He looks her over appreciatively. "Faith, you are even more beautiful than the last time I laid eyes on you."

She curtsies and beams at him, applauding a little, and letting out a bit of a giggle at his compliment. "Oh, nonsense, sir! But very good! How did you guess?" She wonders how much effort he put in, and smirks a little at the thought, pleased.

He laughs. "Lawks! You were quite right...I never would have guessed that. A perfectly unique name for a perfectly unique lady. No, I described you to my good friend Alex and he knew of you. Said you flirted with him once, eh wot?"

"Oh, sir, you embarrass me by accusing me of flirting!" she teases, ducking her head as if to hide a blush, and peering up at him through her lashes. "How scandalous it would be if I were to confirm such a thing!"

"/I/ would never accuse you of such a thing, Lady Aurelia. Alex did." Spencer takes one of her hands and kisses the back of it. "Shall I challenge that cad to grass before breakfast for your honor?"

Even a kiss to her hand is enough to send a pleasant shiver through her, and she smiles at him. "Oh, no! Never let it be said I encouraged illegal proceedings simply for my own sake!"

He grins. "Good, because I'm not sure I could duel my best friend. It would make me feel rather put out." He looks at her for a moment, not sure how to proceed, but thoughts of Miss Upton flash through his mind. He realizes he is still holding Lady Aurelia's hand and clasps it in both hands. "Lady Aurelia...there is something I must confess to you, devil take it all."

A bit of uneasiness comes from that, but she decides to treat it lightly. "Oh, is that so? And what might it be? Shall I have to guess?"

He grins and runs his thumbs over the back of her hand. "No, I won't make you guess. Well...the deuced fact of the matter is...I met someone today. Miss Upton. And I've made a right mull of things. Far too spoony for my own good..." He looks down and shakes his head, chastising himself. "I care very much for her and told her I was meeting you tonight and would tell you. But I have you firmly in my head, Lady Aurelia, and am having a devil of a time getting you out."

/What?!/ She stiffens a little, though otherwise doesn't allow her anger or shock to show. He /met/ someone? And he's telling her /now/, like /this/? How dare he? How dare /she/, this Miss Upton? And how can he "care very much for her" within one meeting? No, this won't do at /all/. She takes a moment to figure out how to proceed, and then allows some of her surprise to show, and steps back, clearly reluctant as she untangles her hand from his and looks at the ground for a moment, then back up at him with confusion, sadness, and hope in her eyes. "Oh..." she murmurs, as if she isn't sure what else to say.

Spencer immediately feels terrible. He knows he has hurt her greatly. "Lady Aurelia, please...tell me what I can do. I should never wish to cause you sadness. The look on your angelic face is a dagger straight through to my heart."

She shakes her head, frowning, still apparently uncertain as to what to do. "I--no, you need not worry for me. I...I must not keep you from someone else. After all...we were not..." Her face twists slightly. "You made me no promises. And it would be quite unfair hold you to anything, in any case. Not when you have found someone you care for more than--so much." /More than me./

He stands there, looking defeated and not knowing what to do. He removes his top hat and runs a hand through his hair, letting out a pained sigh. "Fiend seize it! I care for you a great deal as well. I hope you do not think otherwise. I'm so bitterly sorry. I went to the estate gardens today on the hunt for you and found her instead. Faith, would that I had just stayed indoors and patiently waited for tonight."

That makes her look up at him with what looks like painful hope. "You--you /do/ care for me? Truly?"

He nods eagerly, wanting very much for the pained look on her face to ease. "Of course I do! I shouldn't be so tortured like this if I didn't."

She takes a breath, looking a little better, and steps forward again, to look up at him through her lashes. "What are we to do?" she murmurs, shaking her head. "Such a tangle we are in now..." Her hand reaches up, as if she can't help it, and settles softly on his cheek. "One of us will have to sacrifice...and...and perhaps it ought to be me. I should not wish to make anyone unhappy...especially you," she adds, fingers tracing the line of his jaw. "If you truly do prefer her..." She lets the sentence trail off, deliberately not making any promises.

His hand moves up and he places it over top of hers. "Lawks! You could never do anything to make me unhappy. Ever." He moves her fingers to his mouth and kisses them. "It is I who have made you unhappy, I'm afraid. I was very sure that I preferred her on my way here...but...being here with you now. My heart feels torn."

"As does mine," she murmurs with a sigh. "I...I want you to stay with me..." She swallows hard as if preventing tears, and looks down for a moment, not pulling her hand from his grasp. "But I am selfish, I know..."

He looks exceedingly pained, thinking she is holding back tears because of him. "Lady Aurelia...please..." He lets go of her hand with only one of his and places his fingers under her chin, lifting her head back up to him. "Please don't be Friday faced." Unable to help himself, he tilts his head down and kisses her tenderly.

The thrill of the kiss almost surpasses the triumph of it, somewhat to her surprise. Her arms slide around his neck naturally, and she kisses him back, entirely willing to give in, and actually almost forgetting why she's doing it. She decides she does rather like him, more than she'd realized, and she is determined to make him hers. But for now she just lets herself enjoy the feel of his mouth against hers.

He loses himself utterly in her kisses. Her intoxicating kisses. His heart rate speeds up as she puts her arms around his neck and he steps closer to her, wanting to touch her however he might. After a few minutes he pulls back, breathing hard and looking into her eyes. "Lady are so lovely. The very moon hides its face, unable to compete with such beauty as is yours."

She smiles at that, giving a soft laugh, but looking a little sad. "Thank you for saying so... I do wish..." She shakes her head, but doesn't remove herself from being so close to him, as if she can't.

"Please. What do you wish? Tell me, and I will give it to you." He wraps his arms around her waist and holds her close.

She sighs and leans against him, resting her head against his chest. "You can't... I...I know you cannot help it."

"What do you wish, Lady Aurelia? I must know." He places a kiss on the top of her head.

"Oh...I only wish that you did not have to choose...that you had not met someone else...and that I had not...become so fond of you..." She trails off, clearly hesitating, and then looks up at him. "And...there is something else, too...but I do not know if it is something you can give me, either..." Her eyes go back to the ground.

"If it's in my power to give, I vow to you that I will do so." In this moment he would give her anything she wanted, so lovely and sad she looks. "I am so very fond of you as well. You are my angel. I am not worthy of you."

A small smile lights her face at that, and she shakes her head. "Now, that /is/ Spanish coin, sir. Though...if you truly are fond of me...then I am glad of it...and sorry at the same time, for that makes it more difficult for you. I suppose that is another thing I wish...that you would not have difficulty. But--but right now," she whispers, playing with his lapel, "more than anything...I am selfish...and I wish for /you/."

She smiles! He takes a deep breath and all he can smell is her. All he can see is her. He nods. "Faith, I wish for you as well. I know I've made a right mull of this, but I'll fix it. I know I can fix it." He kisses each cheek and her nose before kissing her on the lips.

She closes her eyes, kissing back and murmuring against his mouth, "I know," before attempting to deepen the kiss, her tongue brushing his lips in eagerness.

He lets out a quiet moan as his lips part reflexively and he happily deepens the kiss as well, his hands coming up to cup either side of her face.

She is pleased to hear the sound, and a hand slides up into his hair as she continues the kiss with skill and passion.

His hands move to the buttons on the back of her dress as he slowly he lowers himself to his knees, bringing her with him. For now all thoughts of Miss Upton have completely fled from his mind.

---Fade to Black---

Some time later both Spencer and Lady Aurelia are dressed again and laying on his jacket, which is spread out on the ground. He holds her close to him, and kisses her on the forehead. "I'm sorry I wasn't better prepared. Should have brought a blanket. Candles. Flowers. But I didn't think we'd... didn't plan for..." He smiles, utterly happy and kisses her forehead again.

She hums contentedly and smiles back. "That's all right. I am only glad to be here...I don't believe I mind anything else." It's almost true. It has been far too long, and she feels limp and happy.

He brushes a loose strand of hair off of her face and his smiles widens. "I am glad to be here as well. Faith, if I may say.. you may think me completely bottle-headed... but I love you, Lady Aurelia. With all my heart, I truly do." He reaches down in order to hold one of her hands, intertwining their fingers.

She smiles again, squeezing his hand. "I...I hardly know what to say... I...I did not think that love was...well...real. But with you..." She shakes her head. "Perhaps I ought to reconsider my ideas." The strange part is that, again, it's nearly true. Or at least--she still isn't too sure about the idea of love. But there's an odd kind of affection for him that she rarely feels for anyone. She isn't at all sure what to think of that, and tells herself that perhaps it's only because she's gone further with him than she had in some time.

"You don't have to say anything. I will prove to you that it is real." Spencer watches her intently, looking so angelic in the moonlight and feels like his heart could burst at any moment.

"I should like that," she replies softly, admiring the way the light off the river hits his face, her free hand moving to trace against his skin. She suddenly realizes that she'd like to stay like this for some time, away from tiresome people and their expectations, and pushes the wish out of her mind hurriedly, wondering if she ought to leave now before she can have any other intrusive thoughts. But she can't quite bring herself to do so, or to disturb the air of contentment that has fallen over them.

He closes his eyes as she traces along his face, but then opens them and looks at her urgently. "I should tell you, I can't court anyone for a year." His eyes widen as he realizes he didn't tell her any of this. "Lawks! You see, I was married. Arranged thing, she didn't care for me overmuch. But she slipped the wind a few weeks ago. I came to Tyrehampton to avoid the tediousness of being in mourning."

"Oh." Aurelia isn't entirely certain what to make of that, and has to think about it for a moment, nodding. The word "court" has given her a bit of a jolt. Is that what she wants? She has not been looking for marriage, exactly...though she can more easily see herself marrying someone like him than most anyone else she has thought about in some time. He is young, handsome, titled...clearly good at certain things... She realizes she has much to think about. And, of course, a year is a long time in which to do it. Right now, she smiles a little at him. "I am sorry to hear it, in any case. But I can certainly understand the need to be away from mourning, if you were not fond of one another." It was a clever way for him to get out of it, too.

He grins and lets out a sigh of relief. "Faith, I'm glad you don't judge me harshly. There are those who might. It would cut up my peace immeasurably to lose favor in your eyes, my darling."

"I promise you I don't," she replies softly, curling a little closer to him. "And therefore your peace need not be anything but whole," she adds with a grin.

He kisses her soundly. "Huzzah. Then I am the luckiest man in the world." An unpleasant thought occurs to him then and his grin falters. "I will speak with Miss Upton as soon as I might. Make her aware of the changing circumstances. I am loathe to cause her pain, but she is such a kind lady, I know she will understand."

"Oh, of course." Aurelia smiles a little and kisses him softly again. Inside, for a split second, she actually feels a pang of conscience at his words about causing pain. But then she remembers the ridiculous Miss Upton, and decides not to worry. If she said she loved him, well, Aurelia doesn't believe it, even if love were real. Any affection she might have for him is surely shallow, for she seems too stupid for it to be otherwise. So it is quite reasonable for Aurelia to make a play for him, if she decides she wants to marry him. And if not, she suspects he will soon go back to Miss Upton. "And I do not wish to bring her pain, I must also hope that she will be alright with it."

"She will understand, I know it. There will be another fellow worthy of her, I'm sure." He returns her kiss. "When can I see you again, Lady Aurelia? I wish to do something more appropriate for you. Something more worthy of you."

She smiles at him, curling closer to him and running a finger lightly against his neck as she considers. On the one hand, she still doesn't want to give him the power in the situation. On the other, she doesn't want to play so fast and loose with his "affections" that he will go running back to Miss Upton unless she is ready for him to do so. "Tomorrow night?" she asks after a moment, looking up at him with hopeful eyes as she decides that the latter is more important.

He smiles back, pleased that he may see her again the next day, already counting the minutes. "Consider me all agog, waiting until then." Reluctantly he rises from the ground and holds out his hands to help her do likewise. "May I escort you home? I hate to think of you walking alone at such a time of night. Though I'd also hate to for someone to see us and think something untoward about either of us." He frowns, torn between both options.

She takes the offered hands and stands, considering. "I think we had best separate. After all, if you were to be there when I returned home, my brother might wake. But I thank you for the offer."

He nods reluctantly and kisses both of her hands before releasing them to pick up his jacket off the ground. "Can I follow you at a distance to ensure you arrive safely home?"

She smiles and nods. "I should appreciate that greatly, thank you."

"Huzzah!" He hugs her to him a final time. "Thank you for meeting me tonight. And for being so understanding."

Hugging back gladly, she leans her head against him for a moment and nods. "Thank /you/ for coming. And for.../all/ of it," she adds with a slightly wicked smile, looking up at him without letting go, the gleam in her eyes indicating what she means.

He grins back at her and kisses her on the forehead. "Faith, the pleasure is entirely mine, I assure you."

/Not from what /I/ remember./ She steals another kiss to his mouth. "Well, I do hope it was at least /somewhat/ yours."

He returns the kiss eagerly, loathe to let her leave but knowing that she must. He nods and puts her hands over his heart so she could feel how her kisses made his heart race. "Until tomorrow, my sweet angel."

Smiling, she nods and repeats in a murmur, "Until tomorrow."

He gives her hands a final kiss and watches her go. Once she is a safe distance away he follows. Staying far enough away so that she is just barely in sight but never letting her entirely out of his sight until she is safely home.
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