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Mrs. Bolton and Miss Karavayeva Reach an Accord

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Katerina ((This scene is a collaborate between the players of Mrs. Katerina Bolton and Miss Anya Karavayeva. This scene takes place after the debacle at the haberdasher’s with Mrs. Elmsworth, “At the Haberdasher's with Two Feuding Chaperones and Two Young Ladies Caught in-Between", also available in this forum.))

Mrs. Katerina Bolton rode on her icy white mare, Zima, through the fields by the cliffs of Tyrehampton. She wore an ice blue riding habit, with green ivy growing up the skirt in exquisite embroidery, her face perhaps alight with calm pleasure in the feel of the wind across her face. She stopped by a tree, /the/ tree to which James and herself had raced months previous. A flicker of anger and sorrow passed across her face before looking back for her cousin to see if the girl was following as instructed.

Anya rides at a measured pace, her face blank, and her seat just acceptable enough so as not to discomfit the horse.

Katerina looks behinds her at the girl, waiting for her to catch up before speaking. Starlight knickers a bit, seeing Zima. "I am pleased your skill at riding is comparable to my own. You shall do well when we ride with Miss Pembroke."

"Thank you, Ma'am."

She gives the girl a look. "Cousin, stop your simpering, you shall make other acquaintances, ones that are more worth your time I am sure. As I gather that is still to what you are disagreeable about."

"Simpering, ma'am?" Anya gives her a blank look.

"Perhaps not simpering, but your protest to speak more than two words to me is quite bothersome and I request you cease this instant."

Anya inclines her head obediently and proceeds not to speak at all.

Katerina shakes visibly and rolls her eyes. "I am not what Mrs. Elmsworth puts me out to be. I thought we had a kinship, an agreement but apparently you are more settled to be a nuisance rather than a companion."

Anya looks away, her shoulders tight.

"If I was to find you another acquaintance to which was more an agreeable friend, would you speak then?"

"You know I thought we had an agreement as well?" Anya hisses. "That you wouldn't interfere with that family any longer. I don't want anyone who is more agreeable to you!" She flicks the reins, sending Starlight into a gallop, her skill as a rider becoming evident as she shifts to accommodate the new pace.

Katerina's eyes a light with flame, although appreciative of the girl's skill upon her mount. She equally sends Zima into a gallop, catching up with Starlight with ease as her own skill as a rider is shown. She does not look at her cousin however, merely escapes into the wind and the power under foot. Starlight and Zima seem pleased for the race and continue on.

Anya can't help a small smile as the two horses test each other. She leans into the wind, enjoying it.

As they ride further, Katerina sighs and then laughs into the cool air against her face, spurring Zima on faster. A fence up ahead.

Anya takes a deep, calming breath, preparing for the jump.

Katerina gives her cousin a look, smiling with challenge and thrill, then spurs Zima on, taking the jump with ease.

Anya laughs and takes the leap easily as well.

Hearing the girl's laugh reminds her of herself and she gives her cousin a prideful smile. She sees a crop of trees in the distance and rides towards them, hitting Zima lightly with her crop.

Anya grins brilliantly as she canters after her cousin.

In her calmness she slows Zima enough that should Miss Karavayeva decide to stop at the tree, she shall reach it a hairs breath before Katerina.

Anya does and laughs with triumph looking over her shoulder to grin at her cousin, a few dark curls blowing loose around her face and her dark eyes shining.

Katerina laughs when she sees the girl's face, walking Zima close to her and reaching up to push some of the loose curls out of her face. "You ride quite well indeed, Anya."

Anya ducks her head, blushing, her anger momentarily forgotten. "Thank you Mrs. Bolton. So do you."

She smirks and then sighs a bit in memory. "This is how Mr. Bolton and I grew in each other's affection you fact in our first race I am quite sure he let me win."

"He rides very well too? His horses are beautiful."

She laughs. "Mr. Bolton is an exquisite and powerful rider, I suppose you shall meet his treasure, Merlin, his ebony Irish Hunter soon. An rebellious mount to which is only controlled by Mr. Bolton, thus his skill. The man is quite incorrigible when it comes to that horse."

Anya smiles. "I look forward to it."

"We shall have the ride with Miss Pembroke soon I am sure." She sighs. "If you must know, she is the one to which I was going to recommend as an acquaintance for yourself."

Anya hesitates, tensing again, then says with some surprise, "Oh. I . . . Yes. I like her."(edited)

"I thought you might." She pats Zima's mane with her glove. "I am not horrid, I shall not deprive you of companionship if you wish it. I simply appears I am unable to let what has past fade in regard to the Elmsworths and I rather believe the woman to be a horrid influence upon yourself, needless of her care for Miss Elmsworth. Do you understand?" The question is not a command, merely a soft query.

Anya hesitates, then nods and says carefully, "I understand."

Katerina gives the girl a small smile. "I am glad to hear it....In any case beyond your own ribbons we shall not need to attend to the haberdasher's...I just say we are quite overrun with emerald ribbons." She smirks, a gesture to her cousin.

Anya laughs softly. "How fortunate that the color looks well on you then."

"And you as well! We shall be quite the matching pair I am sure." She gives a small laugh.

Anya smiles shyly.

"Would you care to return? I anticipate Mr. Bolton is either off with his brother or at the club…” She rolls her eyes and mutters under her breath. “…as apparently he would rather not be in my presence.” She raises her voice once more. “The house shall be quiet should you wish to read." She found no pleasure in it but thought the girl may enjoy some quiet.

"Please. Thank you cousin," she says softly.

Katerina nods, her head once more high and proud, then she gives the girl a smirk. "I shall race you to the stable then" And sets Zima off into a gallop.

Anya gives a laugh and sets off on Starlight after her.
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