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The Night Earnest Returns Foxed; The Morning Grizella Attempts Revenge

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Grizella Campbell-Coffin He stumbled home, red cheeked and satisfied. He reached the doorway, and waved away the manservant who greeted him at the door. He was in a good mood, and desired little else than his bed.

Grizella, unaccustomed to her husband's absence late at night-especially ill-at-ease when she had learned /where/ he had gone-waited up for him in their chamber in her night-rail and dressing gown, the door adjoining her husband's open.

He entered their chamber, smelling of whiskey and wine, happily humming a tune under his breath as he undid his cravat, not bothering to summon a servant to assist with his undress. He could manage easily enough. The sleeves were proving a bit tricky--why did there suddenly seem to be additional arms holes?

Grizella frowns. "Earnest."

"Grizella." He repeats with a happy sigh, turning to gaze upon his pregnant bride.

She sighs heavily, coming to help him undress, even though the strong smell of whiskey made her stomach revolt a little, which hadn't happened in /weeks/, even with at least two fish courses at every meal.

He chuckled as she helped him, "I have news." He said as they finished with his undressed. "Good news. I should like for us to host a dinner."

She raises a brow, genuinely surprised. "You want /us to /host/ a //dinner//, darling?"

"Indeed." He says, looking at her with fondness. "I have taken note of your abilities in society. Why not give yourself more opportunities to demonstrate them?" He asked with a chuckle, "And I wish to do a kindness for a friend. Two birds, Mrs. Elmsworth, two birds."

Grizella is even more obviously surprised. "A /friend/, Earnest? I wasn't aware you had any in Derbyshire."

"Mmm." He confirmed, "And he is considering a bride for himself--and wishes for greater opportunity to share society with her. Are you well acquaintanced with a...." What was the damned girls name? "Miss. Hughes?"

She nods. "Yes, a little... Eliza has met her, and is fond of her. She's a cousin of the Stantons."

"Stanton. Good family, that." Even if the son was a bit of a rascal.

She nods again in agreement. "Who is the gentleman, may I ask?"

"A Mr. Solo--Solokov. Good head for law, if a bit too forgiving." He said as he made his way to their bed.

Her brow furrows and she pursues him. "But you don't like Mr Sokolov! Do you not recall the incident between Roland and Mrs Dodge?"

"Roland and--" He could hardly keep up with all the trouble Roland had caused. "I respect his intellect, if nothing else. It's rather difficult to come by in a town such as ours."

Grizella sighs. "/Fine/. I suppose it is acceptable, now that the Dodges have left. Shall I invite all of them? The Stantons and Mr and Mrs Sokolov?"

"If it pleases you to do so, then it pleases me." He smiled at her, before placing a kiss on her forehead.

She /knows/ his opinion would be different were he not foxed, and she rounds the bed, removing her dressing gown. "I shall remind you of your words tomorrow, darling."

"As you like, Mrs. Elmsworth."


He woke up, a pounding in his head and soreness of his body. It was a feeling he was accustomed to, and he fumbled about so he could ring for breakfast.

Grizella was lying in wait at her dressing table, up earlier than was her custom. She waves Venner away, a tray set up near her. "Good morning, darling." She does not try to modulate her volume.

He grimaced. "Tea." He demanded with a groan.

"Excuse me, my love? What did you say?"

He groaned, shifting in bed, "Tea I said, tea!" Calling out caused a painful panging in his head, and he fell back against the pillow

She /considers/ asking 'What about tea, darling?' but decides that she shouldn't provoke him /quite/ so much, and rises, pouring Earnest a cup to his specifications and bringing it to him. "How did you sleep?" She knew, of course. He snored when he was soused.

"Like the dead." He groaned, sitting up and taking the cup, downing half the cup in a single drink.

She stands over him, her hands folded on her belly. "Yes, so I /heard/. Tell me, darling, may I interest you in breakfast? We have herring and salmon in the larder-or maybe eels, perhaps? Drowned in wine? I can have them prepared however you wish."

He groaned, his stomach turning. "Nothing nearly as such. Bread is all I desire, without so much as a bit of butter."

Grizella brings her hand to his forehead. "Nonsense, darling. You're peaked, you need something more /substantial/." Moving to the pull, she is kind to him in that she only orders herring and salmon with his toast. She can't bring herself to force /eels/ on him, displeased as she is.

He groaned once more, squinting at his bride, "I dare say, Grizella--" He waved away the hand on his forehead.

"What is it that you say, darling?"

"Stop your fussing, I wish for bread---and what is the time?" he was more than a little disgruntled.

She sighs, moving back to her dressing table. "It's still quite early, darling. You may /wish/ for bread, but /fish/ would benefit you greater."

"In what world would /fish/ be the best thing for me?" He felt he might very well vomit at the idea of it.

She bestows upon him the most withering /look/. "In the very same one that is the best for me while I am /expecting/, /including/ when it made me /violently ill/."

"A woman with child and a man recovering from drink are two different beasts, Grizella."

She is obviously /extremely/ impressed with being referred to as a 'beast'. "Oh? I'm a 'beast' now, darling?"

"What? No---I only meant---" Worst morning of his life.

Grizella hems, raising a brow again. "Then what /did/ you mean, darling?"

His head throbbed, his body ached, and he finished his tea. "Nothing, dearest. "

She stares at him for a few more moments before the second tray is brought in, herring and salmon, both salted, smoked, and poached, as well as dry toast-/just/ as he requested.

He sighed, taking the bread and chewing on it grimly.

She watches him in her mirror-he /will/ eat the fish, she swears it. "You seemed to have had a wonderful time at the club, darling."

"Ah? Yes. It can be a decent sort of place."

Grizella huffs, her lip curling. "We're most certainly to disagree about /that/. /Especially/ when you return to me in such a /condition/."

"I hardly returned home penniless, with a pack of brigands at my side." he argued, examining the smoked herring with contempt.

She glares. "No, you were just entirely /disguised/. You /know/ how I /feel/ about /that/, //Earnest//.”

He closed his eyes, sighing. "Yes, Mrs. Elmsworth."

Grizella smiles, fussing with one of her crystal bottles. "At least I shall be able to entertain for the first time since we've been married. Not counting Roland and Eliza, of course."

"Hmm?" He opened one of his eyes.

"You don't remember, darling? You proposed we invite the Stantons, Miss Hughes, and the Sokolovs for a supper party."

He frowned, but the memories slowly came back to him. "Ah. Yes." Oh dear.

She smiles at him in the mirror, watching him. "It shall likely be an uneven table, but there's very little to be done about that I am afraid. Regardless I am glad you have found a friend in Mr Sokolov."

He hesitated, then took a reluctant bite of herring. It...wasn't that bad, actually. He took another bite. "If you'd rather not have the dinner, due to such a lack of symmetry, I completely understand." He said, trying for amiability.

Grizella's smile disappears and her eyes narrow, letting him know that it is an entirely unacceptable suggestion. "/Of course not/, Earnest! You have already suggested it to Mr Sokolov-we shall be entertaining."

He grimaced. "Of course, dearest."

She relaxes her face, raising a brow again. "Hopefully this shall be a lesson to you about /imbibing/."

"Of course, dearest." His short venture into married life told him that was the easiest answer when he was in such a state.

Grizella sighs, knowing from her short time married to Earnest that it likely /won't/. She rises again to ring for Venner to complete her coiffure.
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Grizella Campbell-Coffin ((This was a collaboration between the players of Grizella Elmsworth and Earnest Elmsworth. It takes place the night of and morning after "Mr. Sokolov and Mr. Elmsworth Logically Discuss the Peculiarities of Courtship".))
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