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Spencer Finds Miss Upton and Love...Ish

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MyLadyTeri3 ((The following is a collaboration between the players of Lavinia Upton and Spencer Chichester. Content warning: Contains make-outs and implied sex, but fades to black before that point.))

The day after his encounter with his mysterious Miss A, Spencer is back in the estate gardens. Even though they have plans to meet that night, he still would like to find her again as soon as possible. It is late morning, and he is strolling around the gardens, near to where he first met her. He is wearing his top hat, as he is seldom seen out of doors without it, a silvery gray jacket, dark gray pants, and a cream brocade waistcoat. He stops to grab a rose, as he did yesterday, and place it in his lapel before looking around eagerly.

Lavinia appears out of the late morning fog, a vision in blonde curls and a light pink gown of impeccable cut and shape. She had thought to wear it to perhaps catch her prey on one of his morning rides, ever since her discovery she delighted to see that particular gentlemen...she would torture and prod him until he gave her what she wished. She had plucked a rose, tore its disgusting little petals up in her frustration, then picks another when she saw a well dressed distraction walking about. She gives a giggle and a small smile, hiding her face with the blossom and avoiding an eye roll.

He sees a flash of pink from the corner of his eye and turns toward it, doing a double-take at the pretty lady wearing it. He approaches and flashes her a dimpled grin as he removes his top hat and bows, also using the gesture to eye her appreciatively. "Good day, Miss! Well aren't you togged out to the nines! I don't suppose you've seen /another/ tempting armful walking around these gardens, have you?"

She giggles, a decent distraction for the moment. "Oh la! I feel sure that I have not, but of course none could compare to your handsomeness I am quite sure." She forces a bit of a blush and moves her head so one of her curls begins to bounce.

He blushes genuinely and laughs, bringing a hand up to the back of his neck awkwardly. "How kind of you to say. But I meant another pretty /lady/. I met her here yesterday and am on the hunt for her today." He looks at her hair, admiring it. "If it's not bad form of me to say, your hair is lovely. An exceptional amount of curl to it!"

She giggles once more and does a little twirl, allowing her gown and hair to spin, the latter catching the light of the morning sun and sparkling. "Oh la! Thank you kindly sir. But I fear I have only seen yourself in these lovely gardens this morning. Perhaps you shall join me for a walk? Since it seems you are so terribly alone."

He watches her twirl, feeling somewhat mesmerized by the way her hair catches the light. And her suggestion has merit...If he's walking around it will help him search the gardens. He nods and grins. "Being alone is a rather terrible thing, eh wot? Seems all my cards are trumps today, as I will have you for company instead! Lord Spencer Chichester, Marquess of Donegal, at your service, Miss." He bows again.

She blinks, then bats her eyelashes for good measure. A /lord/ how delightful. Well then after she finished destroying her current plaything he would be an excellent She curtsies low, making sure her assets were in plain view. "Oh la! Lord Chichester. Simply an honor it is to make your acquaintance. I....well perhaps I should not tell you my name...." She giggles. "But then again I must as however shall a kind and handsome gentleman as yourself call for me." She takes a step forward, turning her neck to show her alabaster collarbone. "I am Miss Lavinia Upton....and as I said it is such a wonderful pleasure to meet you."

He can't help but glance at her... assets when she curtsies. At first he is worried when she mentions not giving her name. Why does he keep meeting ladies who withhold their names? But then she does and he feels relieved. "Faith, Miss Upton, the pleasure is all mine, I assure you." He offers his arm to escort her on their walk. "Where shall we walk? This is only my second time here, so if there are any good spots I do hope you will be good enough to point them out for me."

She takes his arm and squeezes it playfully. "I dare say sir, have you been to the pavilion? There is simply a lovely statue in it as well as the sound from the pond echoes around the is so very magical, I insist I we see it."

He brightens at the suggestion. "I have not! I am keen as mustard, Miss Upton, to see this magic place of yours. Tell me, are you from Tyrehampton? To be honest, the place seems a little beneath your touch, as cracking as you are."

She resists rolling her eyes, of course she would not be from /here/. She giggles and guides them through the flowers. "Oh la! No I am from London sir, but I am ever so happy to be here, the air is lovely, as are the flowers and of course the charming people to which I meet." She squeezes his arm again and looks up at him.

He smiles down at her. She was so pleasant and agreeable! It would seem the estate gardens were the place to go for fun lady-company. "Lawks! I am also here from London, visiting my good friend Alexander Stanton while a particular scrape is seen to back home. I try to avoid anything ghastly, when I may."

She seems quite shocked by this and her free hand covers her mouth. "Oh la! I do hope nothing quite so horrid." Internally she wished it was, horrid things were ever so much more interesting and scandal worthy.

"Horrid for some, I expect. My wife received her notice to quit during the Launch of our child. Her family is quite blue-devilled, but I can't say I was overly close to her. Came here to avoid the whole mawkish affair of mourning." She seems so caring, he feels comfortable telling her this. "Do forgive me my bad form in stating things so matter-of-factly. I hope you don't think less of me."

Recently dead wife, poor dear, he would hers before the afternoon was out. She looks up at him again, a tear in her eye as an expression of deep concern comes over her face. "Lord Chichester, I am ever so sorry for your loss. I would never think less of you for such a statement. It is ever so pleasant then that I am here to keep you company through these times. Please, let me distract you." They turn and the pavilion is in full view in all its grandeur.

He pats her hand that is on his arm but thinks briefly of Mrs. Adams, wondering how she might be doing today. "My thanks, Miss Upton. Distractions are always good form, far as I'm concerned. You are so kind-hearted. Not high in the instep at all, which beautiful ladies can sometimes tend to be." He glances at the large structure and he lets out a low whistle. "Faith, this /is/ impressive!" He leads them toward it, wanting a better look at the statue.

She giggles at his compliment, of course still calculating every movement, if he only knew...her giggle grew just a touch at her own sincere enjoyment of this event. "Oh la! It is ever so much larger than I remembered. And it is so pleasant to have such wonderful company to appreciate it with." She tightens her grasp upon his arm, and steps closer to him.

They enter the pavilion and he looks from the statue back to his companion and grins at her when she steps closer to him. She is nice, but is she also fun? He is instantly intrigued. "Wonderful company, I quite agree." As he talks, he glances dips down from her eyes to her mouth.

She sees the look and mirrors it, guiding him behind the statue. "Oh la! We have found ourselves quite alone sir, whatever shall we do?" Her smile is still innocent if a bit teasing.

He laughs, noticing that she is leading him more out of sight. Perhaps she /is/ fun. "I assure you I can be a thoroughly good sort of gentleman." He steps even closer, so that he is now brushing against her. "But not always."

She tilts her head once more, showing off the curve of her jaw, to her neck, to her collarbone....and lower. "Indeed sir?"

He admires his view before leaning in and placing a trail of kisses on her neck, starting under her ear and working down her neck to her collarbone.

She closes her eyes to allow this, wondering what he is waiting for. Her own effort is reaching up her arms to twirl her hands in his hair, purposefully knocking off his top hat. "Oh la!" She cries in pleasure and surprise. "Your hat sir....I am dreadfully sorry."

He chuckles. "No matter, Miss Upton. I won't get crusty about it." He wraps his arms around her waist and pulls her against him, kissing her mouth.

His words are odd, but he is titled so what did it matter? She wraps her arms around him in turn, kissing him back passionately, her skill at the act evident.

At first he is surprised she is as passionate as she is so quickly, but he does not hesitate to match her enthusiasm. Where was this place when he needed it yesterday? His brain shuts off all thought of whether they are safely secluded or not. He gives a soft noise of approval and pushes her back against the statue, his hands sliding up her back to the buttons on the back of her dress.

She does not stop his actions, rather relishing that someone of actual worth was to delight her. She would /never/ have done such a thing with the worthless stableboy. She responds with a faux girlish sigh and moves the hands in his hair, to slither around his ears, then neck, beginning to work upon his cravat.

His heart starts beating quickly in his chest. She was so nice and such a good kisser. As she unties his cravat he begins to think that he could very well fall in love with her. She was beautiful and fun. He gets the buttons undone and pulls her dress down a little, bringing his hands up to her exposed stays/chemise.

---Fade to Black---

A considerable time later, Spencer sets her back down on her feet, helping her to smooth her skirts back down before refastening his breeches. He slowly catches his breath but leans back over to kiss her tenderly and is grinning widely when he pulls away. "Wonderful company indeed, Miss Upton."

She giggles, it had been pleasant although his technique was not as superb as Mr. Byrd's but she supposes she could not fault the man. She grazes a hand along his face. "Oh la! You are ever so kind Lord Chichester. Such an exquisite gentleman."

He looks into her eyes, still grinning. "I hope you don't think this was just some brush. I could easily see myself dangling after you, perfect angel that you are."

She laughs again, intrigued, once she was done with Mr. Wilson....Lord Chichester would be a rich enough beau for her to play with. "Oh la! I must say, I rather have not had so very much fun before...I do like a bit of adventure Lord Chichester...but you...." She tucks a hair behind his ear, an easy enough movement as her head tilted to appear as if she was examining him with some ridiculous show of emotion. "....I can not simply let you fall away either."

He beams at her, his heart filling with her, and nods. "Good. I find you so very enchanting." He kisses her again. "When can I see you again?"

"But of course dear sir...I am ever so yours." She smiles beautifully at him, wondering if she could be a Marchioness by the season, that would be rather a particularly pleasant occurrence indeed.

He kisses her again, passionately. "Miss Upton, I won't be able to think of anything else until I am by your side once again. You may very well think me terribly spoony for saying such things, but I don't give a tinker's damn."

Oh this was simply just too easy! "I rather do not care either...I find." She bites her lip, pretending to be nervous. "I find that in our short acquaintance...I have ever so fallen for you. Oh la! I love you!" She wraps her arms around him giggling in happiness....much too easy...could become boring....but the title....

He laughs and wraps his arms around her as well, excitedly kissing her lips, her cheeks, and her neck. "I love you as well, Miss Upton. Such a charming creature you are! I realize this is fast, especially since I can't officially court you for a year, but I know you won't mind at all, my darling."

A year.....for a title...she was perfectly able, and that would allow her time to finish her other...tasks. She smiled happily, holding him tightly, because she will never, ever let him or this chance pass her by. "Oh la! My dearest I can wait, of course I can! It is ever so long but I shall wait for you my dearest love." She almost eye rolled, disgusting phrasing from her lips.

"Perhaps I should have Alexander, my son, brought here so that you can meet him. He is only a baby, but the nursemaid says he is already very sweet." He nuzzles against her neck, kissing her soft skin. He wonders what he will tell his mysterious Miss A tonight. She was also such a lovely creature. He is loathe to cause her pain.

A baby, of course he had a baby, disgusting little creatures they were....she rather liked to envision breaking their little sweet. Her smile becomes brighter. "Oh la! A baby, oh how ever so wonderful, of course I shall love to meet the sweetling. You are ever so kind to introduce him to me, so soon my love."

He hugs her to him, feeling overwhelmed with emotion for her. How lucky he was to find someone like her so soon! "I was to meet another lady tonight, but I will find her and explain the situation. I can't stand the thought of hurting her, but I can't bear to cause you pain either, my darling. Even if she seems quite the biter." He laughs and leans in to kiss her on the lips again.

Another lady?! What an idiot this gentleman was...but as long as he was hers that was quite all that mattered. She wraps her arms around him and kisses him deeply, he had to remember what an expert like herself could provide. She pulls away after a moment and brushes her nose to his. "Oh la! If it will help you ever so much my dearest love, I can be with you when you tell her? Or perhaps I shall simply wait here for you....and remind you why you did did such an awful thing to the poor girl." She bats her eyelashes.

He moans quietly as she kisses him. She was so good at this, it was hard to think of anything else. "It might get her back up more if you were there. And as for waiting... I'm not entirely sure who she is, so she might take awhile to find, though I was going to ask my friend if he knew who she was. But I may very well have to wait until our planned brush tonight. But I will tell her."

She grazes a hand down his cheek. "Where are you to meet her? Oh la! Perhaps we could have another bit of fun while we wait."

"Oh, somewhere along the river. Stay here until tonight?" He chuckles. "Would that I could spend the entire day lying bread and butter fashion with you, but I promised my friend that I'd join him for lunch, and my activities with you have got me completely gutfoundered! Will you be here tomorrow? Meet me here again?"

She bats her eyelashes and smiles at him, making sure it appeared as if all her love was in that smile. "Oh la! My love I shall be here whenever you wish, forever if you wish. I am ever so sad I shall not be with you tonight. But allow me to give you a bit of luck my dear heart." She steps on her toes and nibbles on his ear, moving down his jawline before biting his bottom lip, then kissing him.

Despite his protestations of needing food, she bites at his lower lip and he is suddenly much hungrier for her than he is for food. He pushes himself against her and lifts her so that she is sitting on the base of the statue behind her. He deepens the kiss and starts feeling around her skirts again, trying to move all of that cloth out of his way.

This was quite enjoyable for the moment and Lavinia dives into the embrace, deepening the kiss herself and pushing at his coat, he is energetic and she rather enjoys it.

---Fade to Black Again---

Later, he finally forces himself to pull away. She is intoxicating and he had tried to give her as much pleasure as he could to show her how much he loved her. He helps her down and bends over to collect his waistcoat and jacket, brushing them both off before slipping them on. He helps her with the buttons on the back of her dress first, before tackling own.

Hmmm....this had been a most delightful afternoon, of course the idiot seemed to be quite flighty and she was concerned over this other lady, but she had no problem believe that once the year was out, he would be hers. She gave him a rewarding smile as he fastened her buttons and then barely assisted him with further brushing off his coat, bending down to grab his hat, it was finely made, which only further made her decide that she would be matter. the. cost. She reached up to run her fingers through his hair, fixing it as well as an excuse to further praise him for his actions. "Oh la! I have taken ever so much of your time my darling dear, you shall be quite late for lunch, I am ever so sorry. Do forgive me, my dove."

"Nothing to forgive, my darling!" He finishes with his buttons and takes one of her hands, kissing the back of it tenderly. "Sadly, I must be off, but I'll look for you tomorrow. Tally-ho!" He takes his hat and puts it on at an angle, giving her a silly grin and a bow before heading out of the pavilion.

Odd, he was rather odd, and she was quite sure he would become annoying before long, but to get what she wanted she would suffer through. She returned the smile before giving him a wave farewell...with that he was gone and she leaned on the back of the statue with a malicious grin on her face, silently laughing at all she had accomplished in one afternoon.
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