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Spencer Discovers the Mysterious Miss A

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MyLadyTeri3 ((This scene is a collaboration between the players of Aurelia Vane and Spencer Chichester. Content warning: Contains makeouts, but doesn't go too terribly far.))

It is late afternoon when Spencer finds himself in the estate gardens, looking around at the pretty landscaping. While not as exciting as the Foxx's Den, or as busy as the main parks in London, this place isn't half bad. He sees a gazebo up ahead and decides to head toward it. He is wearing a mint green jacket with a heather gray paisley waistcoat and donning his customary top hat. He stops on the way to the gazebo to pick a red rose and sticks it in his lapel before continuing on.

Rounding a corner, Aurelia finds a man in front of her and immediately perks up. She pretends to examine a flower at the edge of the path, presenting him with what she knows is a nice view of her profile. Her dress is of a deep red, with short, roundly puffed and layered sleeves and silver embroidery. As she stands where she is, she casts a sideways glance at him from underneath her lashes.

He sees the lady up head and his eyes travel over her profile slowly. A boyish smile comes over his face and he removes his top hat. When he is closer he greets her. "Good afternoon, Miss! I realize this is wildly informal as there is no one to introduce us, but you are far too fetching to simply walk by." He bows deeply to her. "Lord Spencer Chichester, Marquess of Donegal, at your service."

"Oh!" She gives him a smile and a flirtatious look as she sweeps a graceful curtsy. "Gracious, sir, do not you think it was /dreadfully/ scandalous of you to introduce yourself without asking me first? What if I had not /wished/ to be introduced to you?" Of course, her tone belies her words; she very much wished to speak to him, and has to keep herself from eyeing him appreciatively--for the moment, at least.

He attempts to look contrite, but he still grins and flashes his dimples at her. "Quite right you are. I'm afraid I can be shockingly loose in the haft at times. Is there any way I may right this grievous wrong I have done you?"

She holds back a smile--though allowing her eyes to sparkle at him--and pretends to consider. "Hmm...I can think of a few things...but I always think that in order to prove one is /truly/ sorry, one must come up with a solution oneself. Doing so takes more effort, you see, and the proof is in that. So...what do you suggest?"

He watches her as he thinks for a moment. "Hmm, quite the scrape this is. In order to truly prove the depth of my sorrow, I think it would be only fitting to serve your every whim while you remain here in my company. Should I gather you some flowers? Bring you refreshment? Stand on my head to make you laugh? Your wish is my command."

"Oh, I /see/." And now she can appreciate him with her eyes, and does so. /Mmm, yes. /Very/ nice./ "I applaud your thinking, sir." She sidles a step forward. "And now I must think of something I can command you to do... There are so many /possibilities/." Her hint thrown out, she gives him another admiring look, hoping he'll take it.

He gives her a boyish grin as he takes a step toward her as well, slowly turning around so she can look him over fully. He stops once he is close enough to her to be considered inappropriate. "I am all agog to hear your first command. If I may say so, Miss, while you look fantastically angelic you also seem too ripe and ready by half. Which is an excellent mix of things to be, in my humble opinion."

"Oh, really?" She considers being offended, but decides he's too handsome to be bothered by...especially when he's this close. Looking up into his face, she replies, "Well, I am flattered by your opinion...though I wonder what exactly it is you think I am hiding?" She knows it isn't quite what he means, but she can't help thinking that she certainly is ready for /something/.

Now /this/ is fun. Silas had said the men around here weren't worth bothering with but had said nothing of the ladies. First he met the fun Mrs. Adams and now this... Perhaps Tyrehampton would not be the boring detour from London that he had thought. He plucks the red rose from his lapel and offers it to her, slowly looking her up and down as he does so. "I can think of a couple things. Wouldn't want to overstep though and get your back up."

She takes it gladly and holds it up to her face, peering at him over it. "Oh, but now you must tell me, for I am /far/ too curious for my own good." His gaze makes her want to shiver in delight. This is looking incredibly promising. She wonders where he has been before now.

He glances around them to make sure they aren't being observed and runs a hand through his hair as he steps in a little closer. "I can tell you, sure enough, but showing you would be more diverting for us both, eh wot? Is that your first command then?"

Aurelia smiles and pretends to consider for a moment. "Yes, I think you had best take it as one, for I simply must know," she decides.

He glances around again--though currently empty, the garden is far too open. The gazebo, however, is enclosed. More private. "Faith, then I dare not disobey. That's simply not on." He bows and reaches for her hand, kissing the back of it before tucking it into the crook of his elbow and leading her into the gazebo.

She smiles and goes with him gladly, already feeling a little more alive. "That is a good choice, I believe, sir," she responds, sparkling up at him.

Once safely inside the gazebo, Spencer moves away from the door and takes her hand again. He places a soft kiss on the inside of her wrist and then proceeds to kiss up her arm. "You are quite a diamond of the first water," he says quietly against the skin of her arm. "But I'm sure you hear that often, eh wot?"

Aurelia lets out a contented breath. "Infrequently enough that I rather enjoy hearing it," she murmurs back, smiling. "You do have a way with Spanish coin, sir."

He pauses and looks at her, raising an eyebrow. "Lawks! Spanish coin? Telling Canterbury tales to a lady is just bad form. Do you doubt how beautiful you are? Why, I can feel myself falling devastatingly in love with you already." He grins and leans his head down to kiss her properly.

She laughs softly against his lips and puts her arms around him, sliding a hand to the back of his neck to pull him closer as she kisses back, and adding a soft caress.

He gladly steps closer to her, bringing his hands up to either side of her face. His kisses start gentle but slowly become more passionate and he can feel himself blush as she kisses him back. She really is quite a lovely creature. And playful.

She matches the passion, feeling better than she has in some time. She always misses this when she doesn't have it. And he is clearly good at it, and it feels splendid. She wonders if he will be willing to do it more often than just the once.

Eventually he pulls away to catch his breath and gives her another boyish grin. "Forgive me, I became distracted. I believe you had commanded me to satisfy your curiosity and show you what you're hiding." One hand goes around her waist and the other moves down to toy with the fabric along her neckline. He tilts his head more to kiss her neck, working his way downward.

"Mmm..." Her own head tilts to allow him better access, her eyes closing. "Yes, that was what I...wanted..." She makes a small noise as he hits a sensitive spot, a hand going to his hair.

He focuses on the spot she seems to enjoy so much, and starts sliding both his hands toward her chest. He does not give their location a second thought, caught up as he is in what he is doing.

Another soft whimper leaves her, and then there is the sudden noise of whistling as someone, probably a gardener, comes nearer the gazebo. She almost doesn't hear it, but there is a high note, and it sounds like the person might enter, or at least see them, and she sighs in annoyance and pulls away slightly.

He tries to follow her at first, but then he hears the whistling and steps back a few steps to a more appropriate distance. He blushes and looks toward the the doorway, fiddling with the brim of his top hat, but whoever it was walked by without entering into the gazebo. He looks back at the lady. "I must beg your pardon again it seems, though I did warn you about me." He smiles sheepishly. "Is there somewhere else we could go?"

Sighing, she lets her frustration go, mostly, and gives him a sweet smile. "Believe me, sir, there is no apology necessary. I would not have chosen that moment if there had not been..." Her eyes flick towards the spot where the intruder passed. "...someone there." She considers the question, her mouth twisting. "I'm afraid that may be a little difficult. I stay with my brother, his wife, and their children. And I have not yet found a place where one might unless you have any suggestions, I fear we may have no recourse."

He sighs as well and dramatically puts a hand over his heart. "What cruel twist of fate is this? I am currently dependent on my friend, Alexander Stanton, for my lodging. I'm not too familiar with the ins and outs of the place yet, having only arrived from Town. Faith, is there really no good for a brush with a woman? What is wrong with this deuced place?"

Ah, Mr. Stanton. She smiles a little, understanding how this man would be his friend, and considers. "Yes, it is rather unfortunate..." An idea occurs. "Unless, of course, one wished to be /very/ scandalous indeed..." she adds, eyes lit again, looking up into his face.

He takes a step toward her and grins. "Like I said, too ripe and ready by half. Do tell me what idea is rolling around in that beautiful head of yours, please."

Her answering smile is mischievous. "And what will you give me if I do?"

"Whatever you want, so long as it's in my power to give. Name it." Yes, he was definitely falling for her. She was driving him mad with her teasing--he could think of little else. He smiles back, glancing down at her lips, and moves toward her again but remembers the whistling intruder and stops himself.

"Hmm..." More pretend consideration, and another smile as she sees the direction of his gaze. "Another meeting's worth of obeying my commands, perhaps?" she suggests, liking the idea far too much. She wishes he /would/ kiss her again now, but she supposes it is wiser not to.

He nods enthusiastically. "Consider it yours. Only where shall we meet? And when?"

Aurelia nods, pleased. "I /have/ heard that the river is rather empty at night..." Part of her wonders if this is too much risk, but the idea of having the chance to be with him more...and the lure of freedom and rebellion against all the tiresome scolds Philip has given her recently...yes, she thinks she wants to do this. "Perhaps we might.../investigate/ that claim...say, tomorrow night?" She would like it to be tonight, but she doesn't want him to think her eager enough to be entirely dependent on him.

"Tomorrow night, yes, alright." He would prefer to meet her at the river tonight. Now even. But he doesn't want to come on too strong--he has had a problem with that in the past. "I will be there, ready for a /thorough/ investigation." He moves in close to her again, only for a moment, it should be alright. "Won't you tell me your name?" he asks quietly.

"Oh, but that would be /telling/," she responds, smiling up into his face, her eyes darting to his mouth. "You must guess it. And if you have it right, perhaps I will give /you/ something in return."

He smiles widely at this. What a fun challenge! "Very well. I do love the intrigue...Mary?" He tries out a guess. Common enough name, though she is entirely too uncommon for it. He glances to the door and then tilts his head down to kiss her again.

She smiles and kisses back gladly, but murmurs against his lips, "Try again." This will be amusing.

He tries out a few more names in-between kisses. "Sarah? Hannah? Cordelia?"

She giggles a little, her arms going back around him, and is surprised at herself. He is putting her in a rather good mood. "No. It is rather more unusual than those."

He pulls back only the slightest bit and laughs. "Devil take it. There are many names for a pretty lady, and it will cut up my peace until I've figured it out. I cry mercy. Won't you give me a hint? What letter does it start with?" He puts his arms around her waist and kisses her again.

"Mmm..." His kisses are so nice. She doesn't want to pull back to answer, but eventually she does, just a little. "Oh, very well, if I /must/..." she replies, teasingly annoyed. "It begins with an 'A'."

He grins against her mouth at this small victory. "Agnes?" He kisses her again. "Hmm, Abigail?"

She laughs again; then, unable to help herself, whistler or no whistler, she moves down to kiss his jaw and neck. "Keep guessing."

His hands on her tighten. "That's hardly on, distracting me like this..." But he doesn't dare stop her. He thinks of some of the least common names he can. "Alice? Augusta? Amelia?" Those took him some time. He was running out of ideas.

Another soft laugh, her breath puffing against his skin. She is pleased with his reaction, too. "Amelia is the closest yet. I think it may be rather too difficult to guess."

"Faith, so I had no chance?" He chuckles and leans into her more. "Do I still win your prize if I try to find out your name from someone else?"

She considers that. "Mmm...if you make me inclined to be generous, then perhaps. You may have to work for it a little..." Her hands work at the top of the fastenings of his shirt so she can move to kiss the upper part of his chest.

"I would love nothing more than to make you feel generous." He pulls at his cravat to loosen it and move it out of her way and tilts his head, able to reach her neck, trailing kisses along her skin there. "I'm looking forward to giving you a proper seeing to."

She makes a pleased sound and continues her own ministrations. "As am I." It is difficult to keep herself in check, and she nibbles a little at his skin, wishing it were tomorrow already.

He kisses down her neck and to her shoulder, sliding the sleeve of her dress over so that he can better kiss along her shoulder without being impeded by the fabric. "Come to the river with me now." He hadn't exactly meant to say it, just think it, but now that it was out he wasn't going to take it back.

Aurelia hesitates, her breath catching at the kisses, and then says slowly, "It is still daylight...there might be people there." She is much afraid her tone gives away more than she intended, how badly she wants to say yes. She blames it on the distraction of him kissing her.

He groans quietly in frustration. "Blasted sun! Tonight then. Let me get some things and woo you suitably. Your kisses alone are enough to make me completely bird-witted, and my heart can scarcely stand it." His hands lower to her hips and he squeezes them softly as his lips move back to her neck.

A quiet moan leaves her as his lips skim a particularly sensitive place, and she barely bites her tongue on the immediate /Yes/ she wants to give. Somehow she manages to wait a few moments before protesting with a grin, "Ah, but if I agree, you will get quite tired of me and never wish to see me again after tonight. Better to stretch it out."

"You are cruelly close-fisted with your only makes me want you all the more. And waiting for what I want is quite against the pluck for me." He steps even closer against her so there is no space whatsoever between them and sighs. "But I suppose I have no choice." He kisses up to her earlobe, nibbling gently at it, but then reluctantly releases it and pulls his head back.

"Mmh..." She takes a breath, making sure she's coherent before answering, with a flirtatious smile, "Perhaps it will be a lesson to you, then. Patience is a virtue, my dear sir. And besides that, it will give you time to learn my name." She still wishes very much to give in to his earlier request, but she tells herself firmly that she can't. That is not the way the game is played, and it will make him think he has more power than he ought.

"I seldom learn my lessons. But you're right. I must go off and discover your name and surprise you. My mysterious Miss A." He leans forward and kisses her on the lips, but ends it much sooner than he would like. "Though I should like to stay in this gazebo all day with you and let you continue to bewitch me."

She smiles. "Well, in that case, I expect I ought to leave, so you will not be quite stuck here all day." She gives him a curtsy and sparkles at him before heading out the door.

He moves toward her, desperately wanting to follow, but she is out of the gazebo and he realizes his current state of dress needs to be fixed. He beams widely, watching her walk away as he straightens his shirt and reties his cravat. Once he is more appropriate he leaves the gazebo and heads back to Alex's house, hoping his friend can help him be ready for tomorrow night.
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