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Mr. Mortimer Randall, itinerant dancing master

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Amy Stallings The third son of Sir Edwin Burwell Randall, Bart. of Pontefract, Yorkshire, Mortimer does not particularly relish the thought of working for his bread, but nor does he take much pleasure in idleness and luxury. Like most young men, he was well-instructed in the finer arts of horsemanship, swordsmanship, and dance, and has developed a natural elegance about his tall, lithe person. He made the Grand Tour, or those parts of the Grand Tour that were possible given the unrest in France at the time. While his eldest brother waits for their aged patriarch to expire and his next-elder one captains an excellent frigate somewhere in the Atlantic, Mortimer has flouted convention and taken up the mantle of a dancing master. Having spent time in the courts of Europe, he is well-versed in the latest Continental fashions, and as a single man, he is enviably mobile, traveling among country houses and dispensing his superior knowledge of deportment and dance. Kind, patient, and gentle, he instills not only skill but confidence in those under his tutelage. His usual pupils tend to be children, but his services have also been secured by several schools for young ladies in the last two years, and he has served each of them admirably. While fond of a pretty face, he prioritizes the freedom of his itinerant lifestyle at present and feels no particular urgency about finding a wife. Even so, he would be susceptible if the right girl came his way.

Now aged about thirty, he is dark-haired and dark-eyed, with a high forehead and rather delicate features save for a straight and sturdy nose inherited from his mother. He ought to be easily recognized about Tyrehampton, and he hopes to make the acquaintance of many of its inhabitants very soon.
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Lady Jupeck Mr. Mortimer Randall
Please do not think me forward, but I have never learned the graceful art of dance as, until this point in my life, I have found no need of it. Should you be willing to accept an adult ignorant pupil please contact me so we may take tea and discuss rates and availability.
Lady Jupeck
Posted 8 months ago

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