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Miss Katerina Halliwell

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Katerina *A sealed letter addressed to the most honorable and elite of Tryehampton society arrives promptly in an ivory envelope of the most highest quality in weight, ink and seal.*

Dear Sir or Madam,

May we introduce to the fair town of Tryehampton, our esteemed daughter Miss Katerina Halliwell, whom is currently traveling by carriage post haste to your little town in the country. And should arrive within the next night to your humble dwellings.

We would like to preface her arrive as you most likely are familiar with her name, being the London society darling as she is, and say that she is migrating to the country to experience the air and seclusion that you have to offer.

We indeed hope that you shall treat her as the sot after debutante that she is and welcome her with open arms to your quaint, simple village. We look forward to receiving letters regarding her progress and status within the town, as she will most likely be delighting you with her etiquette and poise soon.

With Regards,

Sir Ian & Lady Anastasia Halliwell, London
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Katerina Miss Katerina Halliwell is the daughter of Sir Ian and Lady Anastasia Halliwell. Sir Ian is a minor baronet and Lady Halliwell is the daughter of Russian hereditary nobility. It is commonly known that the marriage of Sir Ian and Lady Halliwell was a political agreement to strengthen relations with Britain and Russia. Due to Lady Halliwell's previous station and considerable dowry, the Halliwells are one of the more wealthy of the landed gentry. Due to this fact the Halliwells are respected and in some ways feared due to their wealth and international ties.

Sir Ian is known as being a brute, rough, cruel and loud, contrasted by Lady Halliwell whom is quiet, fierce, fashionable and as calculating as a snake; their union created a child whom gained strengths and weaknesses of both parents and is force to be reckoned with in her own right, i.e. Katerina Halliwell.

Miss Halliwell is 22 and to those outside her circle of "mean girls" it is thought that her attitude is the culprit for her not yet being matched. She has no filter to be had and thus speaks her mind, and she rarely has anything nice to say. She feels that there is no reason to be nice or kind to anyone besides the grand ladies of the ton and any nobleman of higher rank than her (honestly anything less than an Earl and she could not care less). Because of her crude nature, she likes to play games with those below her, finding them to be toys; she does not care whom she insults nor what she says or what enemies she shall make. She is a gossip who feeds on the destruction of others in society, finding it amusing. In fact on her arrival in Tryehampton she found the assembled dull and boring, however she has found that gossip and the estate of Lord Whatshisname to be rather intriguing. And has found something to "amuse" herself while she is "trapped" here.

Regarding her "sudden" arrival in Tryehampton, she shall tell you that she on a charity mission to visit her dearest friend Miss Emmeline Barclay. However, if one is to dig into her past in London, they will find that her parents are doing their best to cover up an "incident" as quickly as possible. (You shall have to uncover the rest. *wink*) Presently she is staying with her Uncle and Aunt in their manor in outer Tryehampton. Her "companion" of sorts his her favorite plaything/maid, Mouse whom follows her everywhere but is rarely invited to even enter a building to which Miss Halliwell is socializing, thus spending most of her time outdoors until her mistress is ready to depart. Speaking of which, you shall never see Miss Halliwell out of doors for more than a moment unless she is crashing a gathering (i.e. Mr. Turner's birthday party) or socially obligated to stand on grass (i.e. the tree lighting). Overall she finds the country.....repulsive and dirty.

She is well educated, speaking fluent Russian and French. She finds classic ladies activities such as reading, painting or embroidery to be a bore and likes to spend most of her time playing whist, drinking Vodka or plotting in front of a fire. This is of course when she is not playing games with Mouse or terrorizing the members of Tryehampton society.

As mentioned, she is as of yet is unattached, however this is not due to her £30,000 dowry. I shall leave it up to you to decide why she is not wed, but as I have discussed above, it is easy to decipher. *wink*
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clara_davenport Miss Halliwell- * Curtsey's*

I am Most pleased to Make your Acquaintance.
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