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Catalina Sanchez

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Miss Sanchez Catalina Sanchez is a single woman in possession of...well, not a large fortune, but a small sum of money perhaps. She was born in Barcelona, Spain and grew up in a decently sized wealthy family. Her father lost a lot of money to his gambling addiction, but she tries very hard to keep this secret.

Having just reached 20 years old, she is now on the lookout for a husband. She is outgoing, eloquent and uses her wit and charm to win people over. She questions certain aspects of propriety a lot, believing some things to be frivolous and unnecessary. She is romantic, and she can come across to others as shallow or flirtatious, but she is simply trying to hide her insecurities while also trying to please her family in securing a match. She does have a strong moral compass, though she can be a bit impulsive at time. Besides trying to please others, she also longs to find her own peace and happiness despite her lot in life. She can easily be misunderstood, particularly in the idea that all she wants is money, when in reality she doesn't care for money much at all.

She has the physical appearance of a wealthy lady (fashion, manners), which can keep strangers from questioning her current financial circumstances.
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HeHa Miss Hampton must have just missed Miss Sanchez between her two visits to Mrs. Hatch's today
Posted 1 month ago
Miss Sanchez Ah the client froze after I created my avatar of Catalina, haha. And then the second time I logged in no one was there.
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