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Dr. George Driscoll would like to introduce to the town

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drdriscoll *On Mrs. Hatch desk rests a note*
My dear new neighbours:
My name is George Driscoll, I am a 31 year old physician and I moved on to this quiet, little town all the way from the noisy and populated London.
I won't deny I miss it a little bit, but this is a change I needed in my life.
But how did I arrive here? After serving as a doctor in the Peninsular War, I returned to my home city and found out my dear aunt Christine was sick because of the polluted London air. She didn't suffer as she enjoyed her last days reunited with our family. She asked me one last favour; to visit her friend Dorothea Hatch in Tyrehampton, and adviced me to move there, since there was an empty doctor job.
I completed my Medicine studies in Oxford University and I'll be glad to serve you as your doctor! I'm currently staying at Mrs. Hatch' house, but I'm currently looking for a housemate since all house are occupied, or a house (if someone is planning to leave Tyrehampton, please don't hesitate and contact me!)
A few things about me:
I enjoy filling my brain with new knowledge, so you'll probably find me hanging a lot of time in the library
I served as a doctor for our royal armies in Oporto, Portugal and San Sebastian, France.
I like opera, but I'm afraid I sing like a rooster!
I'm very outgoing, so I'd like to meet every single Tyrehampton inhabitant (hope you're not too much!)

I salute you all,
Sincerely, Dr. G. Driscoll.
Posted 2 months ago
HeHa ((I bet Clarissa will be very glad to see someone about her cough who isn't eyeing her limbs for experimentation...))
Posted 2 months ago
kendrafortune ((Lol let's hope she meets Dr Driscoll before Dr Stein then!))
Posted 2 months ago
drdriscoll ((Hahaha, I'm sure she will! I've been playing but no one's in-game yet.. Guess we'll meet soon))
Posted 2 months ago
sophiaunderwood (( Nice! We have a midwife who offers some on-the-down-low apothecary and medic services, and an accoucheur, but it has been ages since Tyrhampton had a proper general physician! ))
Posted 1 month ago

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