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Amelia Haddington

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JoMarch Amelia's family was a house divided.

While her paternal grandfather had fought for the rebels during the War, her maternal grandfather had sided with the King. Despite much protesting and forbidding from the men on both sides, Margaret Hawthorne eloped with Nathaniel Haddington. Swiftly after their elopement, both families cut off all ties to the newlywed couple. Thus, forcing Nathaniel to use the meager amount of money he had saved to buy a small printing shop in town. Although their elopement deprived them of their inheritance and familial support, their marriage did bestow upon them four daughters. Their second daughter, Amelia Grace Haddington, affectionately referred to as "Mia", was born in the former colony of Massachusetts on a blustery November day in 1794.

From birth, Mia was independent, rambunctious, opinionated, fiery, and stubborn. She fought tooth and nail against her mother's attempts at gentling her and could often be seen slipping from lessons to join her father in the print shop where things were much more exciting. Although she did have this unsavory side, Mia had her savory attributes. She was fiercely loyal to her loved ones, intelligent, curious, adventurous, loving(to those who deserved such affections), and genuinely kind. Margaret still feared for her second daughter's future if the young woman could not be tamed. It was because of this fear that she contacted her sister Amelia, for which her daughter was named, who had been residing in England with her husband since the War ended. Margaret's letter pleading for help with her daughter happened to be the first contact the two sisters had since the elopement and, to her shock and relief, Amelia responded agreeing to help.

Upon first learning that she was to sail to England to stay with her aunt, the now twenty-year-old was horrified. She was being asked to leave everything she had ever known, ever loved, to venture to a foreign country and foreign village. The young woman spent the rest of the day locked in her room as she turned her anger and hurt into words of her latest literary creation. Eventually, though, it dawned on her just how big of an adventure this would be. Visiting an entirely new country! Her thoughts drifted from everything that could go horribly askew, to what grand things lie ahead. Perhaps she would be permitted to go galloping across the countryside, it had been so long since she had ridden and missed her equine friends terribly, or perhaps she would be able to try archery like Robin Hood.

Suddenly, Tyrehampton did not seem like such a bad proposition.
Posted 2 months ago
byzantiumc Amelia might be disappointed to find that the horses have all run out of Tyrehampton. One stable boy by the name of Timmy Timple is to blame. The carriages will have to suffice. :)
Posted 2 months ago
kendrafortune I wonder if Amelia drives a carriage as well as Lady Kendra? I feel a race coming on!!
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