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Miss Louisa FitzGibbons

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TrueWizard1507 Louisa is a lass of 19 years, born in Inverness, Scotland.

The first few years of her life were relatively uneventful, apart from the occasional famine and raid by English soldiers. Being an only child, she was loved dearly by her parents, although they struggled financially for many years. In 1807, 13 year old Louisa was sent to Bath to live with the MacTavish family, who had moved south about 10 years ago. Rupert and Ellen MacTavish cared for Louisa like their own child, and consequently she became good friends with the eldest two MacTavish children - Jamie and Clara.

In early 1809, Louisa met a French sailor by the name of Thomas Mercier. He was 27 at the time, and managed to seduce Louisa into eloping with him to France. Knowing that her marriage prospects were already low from the lack of a dowry, she left with him that same day. She slipped a note for Clara under her bedroom door, and vanished.

By the time Clara had realised what had happened, it was too late. Louisa was gone, with a man she barely knew, to a country she had never seen. Both the FitzGibbons and the MacTavish family worked tirelessly to find her, but began to give up after the death of Louisa's frail mother. Louisa's father tracked her as far as Fontainebleau, but had to give up the search, being unable to pay for passage to France.

Living in Fontainebleau, Louisa soon discovered that the man she had eloped with had no intention of marrying her at all. He became angry and manipulative, and took advantage of her innocence. After discovering that Louisa was pregnant with his child, he abandoned her without warning. Louisa tried to walk to Paris in a desperate attempt to save herself - a journey over 40 miles long. The long and arduous journey caused her to collapse near a convent 16 miles away from Paris. As a result, Louisa suffered a miscarriage, and she became feverous. The nuns nursed her back to health, and as a way of saying thank you, she remained there for a year.

In late 1810, Louisa managed to secure a position as an English teacher for a wealthy family in Bordeaux. Upon her arrival, the family welcomed her with open arms. They provided her with comfortable living quarters and a very generous wage, which enabled her to begin saving for her trip back to England. The family knew why she had come to France, much to Louisa's surprise, but did not judge her for it. Louisa faithfully served the family for three years, before receiving a letter from Clara. She was astounded that Clara had found her after so long. Louisa wept as she read Clara's kind words, half with grief over her parents death and half with joy that she knew she could return.

Louisa has handed in her notice, and aims to return to England very soon. She will join the MacTavish children in Tyrehampton, where she hopes to purchase a small house using her extensive savings. Louisa knows that she has absolutely no marriage prospects, but at least enough money to ensure the remainder of her life is comfortable. Louisa hopes that she will not be judged too harshly by the residents of Tyrehampton, if they should discover what caused her to move to France all those years ago.
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kendrafortune Looking forwards to meeting Miss Fitzgibbons!
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byzantiumc Interesting backstory! Looking forward to meeting her.
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