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William Devereux

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kendrafortune William Devereux is the eldest child and only son of the lately deceased Lord Devereux, who died on the night of his marriage to the young and beautiful widow, Mrs Kendra Archer, with whom he became infatuated after they met in London. Devereux Jr despises his stepmother and staunchly believes that she is directly responsible for his father's murder, although the local doctor confirms there were no suspicious circumstances, save what a 23 year old woman might be doing marrying a gentleman of 65. He came to Tyrehampton with the intention of exposing his stepmother as the adventuress and murderess he believes her to be.

William Devereux is a pale and serious gentleman of 31. He is rather too thin and sharp-featured to be considered handsome, although he dresses impeccably well and believes himself to be quite the "catch", especially now that he has inherited his father's estate. He considers himself to be a devout man, although he is willing to bend the definition of good Christian behaviour to suit his own ends. He seeks a pretty, pliant and pious young lady to be his wife, to help him with overseeing the running of his family estate and looking after his much younger sister, Simone, who has just turned 16 and is currently away at an exclusive boarding school.
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