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Emma Button: a bundle of contradictions

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byzantiumc Miss Emma Button, 19, the second of five children, (Mr.Button being the owner of a mid-sized estate in Chesterfield), arrived at Tyrehampton a little more than a month ago.

Her face is pleasing, if unremarkable. (Plain features brightened by a cheerful smile and lively eyes.) Her figure light, yet curvaceous, accentuated well by her fashionable choice of clothing. She’s quiet until she is familiar with you. She’s empathetic, yet fond gossip. She’s a terrible dancer, yet enthusiastically dances the Irish jig in the ballroom. She dearly loves to laugh, but is gripped by the occasional case of ennui. You think her conservative until you discover she spent half her unexpected inheritance (from a distant aunt) on buying a house in Oakston. She thinks she’s disenchanted by love after a failed courtship. (A budding romance thwarted by the absence of a sizeable dowry, as was the case before her unexpected windfall.) Yet, she holds out hope for a perfect union forged by genuine mutual affection.

Miss Emma Button is a bundle of contradictions and a work in progress. It remains to be seen what sort of woman she becomes, at Tyrehampton. One thing is for certain – she will enjoy her journey.

((She is my primary character. I also play the Gardiner family.))
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kendrafortune Irish jig!!
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