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A note on the appearance of Miss Henrietta Elliott.

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Lora277 The dreaded middle child of a gentleman’s tailor, Miss Elliott has reached something of an impasse following her twenty-fifth birthday.

It all began simply enough; a quiet childhood in Ipswich, with lessons in all the accomplishments a young lady is desired to have. The family lived within their means and while they never became so affluent as to be influential, but not a member of them could claim they had gone without.

By the time Henrietta reached her maturity the family’s fortune had already been split between her older sister’s dowry – now living off somewhere in the Americas – and her brother’s wish to live in the country with his own family.
Rather typically as such stories go, Mr. and Mrs. Elliott died. The latter caught a chill which carried her off in three days, only for the former to follow after his wife a week later.

With little provision left for the second daughter, Henrietta now finds herself at the mercy of her brother’s generosity. Though it was more of a ‘quid pro quo’ arrangement, the maiden aunt is less a house guest and more of a governess for the master’s small brood of young children. At least on walks to the close village of Tyrehampton she is able to escape such demands.

Some might dispute the title of ‘maiden’ however; after all there was that debacle with that Dutch painter…
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