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Theodora Mabry

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Jumbled Mind Theodora is a lady of 21 years of age, born in Florence, Italy.

With five siblings, both younger and older, Theodora has learned to attempt to fade into the background. Theodora is the third daughter and child of Viscount and Lady Mabry. Brought up between her mother’s homeland of Italy and her father’s duties in England, Mabry has always felt a little out of sync. Having two elder sisters who conformed to the family’s expectations and ended up marrying well hasn’t helped matters, making family visitations particularly tiresome. She gets along best with her elder brother Horace and younger sister Lucia. A current project involves finding matches for both of them so they will stay out of her affairs and perhaps find a modicum of contentment with their lives.

Theodora first heard of Tyrehampton from an old friend and immediately became enamored of the notion that it was a place she could be happy. After an ill-fated romance (the details of which Theodora is not inclined to divulge unless particularly tipsy or in the most intimate of company), she decided that starting fresh in the country was a capitol idea. Hopefully, far from the madness of cities, society and family she will be able to focus on her true passions of literature, astronomy, music, and fine wine.
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