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Mr Alfred Merrythought

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dagngayt Mr Alfred Merrythought is the second child, and eldest son, of Mr George Merrythought of Hangleton in the county of Suffolk, and Regina Merrythought, nee Winterfield, of Widford in the same county. Mr Merrythought is the youngest son of the late Canon Archimedes and Mrs Caroline Merrythought, who will be remembered as an ornament to the cathedral at Bury St Edmunds.

Mrs Merrythought was the eldest daughter of General Sir Alfred and Lady Lavinia Winterfield; she married Mr Merrythought against the advice of her parents, as they felt that Mr Merrythought, while a kind and loving man, was unlikely to prove sufficiently beforehand with the world to support their daughter in a style suited to her birth. They were correct in this assumption, but despite their straightened circumstances the union was a happy and fruitful one, and Mr Merrythought is the one of five daughters and three sons.

Mr Merrythought resides mainly with his maternal grandfather, General Sir Alfred Winterfield. He is learning the way of managing the estate, as Sir Alfred has named Mr Merrythought as his heir.

Mr Merrythought has accompanied his elder sister, Miss Patience Merrythought, to Tyrehampton to bear her company and see her settled. He will be returning home once this is accomplished, but intends to visit regularly as Tyrehamton is, in his words, 'much less stuffy than Bath and not as overpowering as London'.
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