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Miss Sara Jane Roberts

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Miss Sara Jane Roberts Miss Sara Jane Roberts is the only child of Captain Reginald Roberts and Lady Amelia Edwards. Sara's dear mother died in childbirth, leaving her father heart-broken and swearing never to remarry. Her father left Sara in the care of her treacherous Uncle, Sir Phillip Rogers and his son the dastardly George Phillips. All sums of money left for her care was easily squandered by the treacherous pair. Upon Sara's 18th birthday shocking news reached Sir Roberts stating that his brother's ship The Mystic Rose was lost at sea near the coast of Calais France. Immediately Sir Phillip Roberts seized Sara's property and the yearly1000 pounds due to her. Her refusal to marry her cousin George had her flee to Tyrhamptom, searching for news of The Mystic Rose and her father. Upon arrival she was met by her cousin, Sir Bartram Edwards, her mother's first cousin where he secured a position in his own household(Rose Tree Manor) to be a companion to his own mother Lady Carolyn Edwards. Sara is tall in statue at 5'7, her beauty is breath taking with Dark Curly Brown hair and Emerald green eyes. But it's her character of goodness, courage and strength is admired by far. she prays upon the goodness of Captain MacHeath for any news of her dear father. A letter was dispatched from her cousin Bartram Edwards as an introduction to Captain MacHeath for his response.
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sophiaunderwood (( Dramatic! Welcome Miss Roberts. I play many characters, but in client typically stick to my gents Adam Wilson and Reginald Gordon. Do feel free to emote Mrs. Hatch making an introduction if we cross paths. ))
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