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Rhoda Smith

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nonsenseandstuff Rhoda Smith
Age: 19
Birthdate: Circa 1785
Birthplace: Yorkshire, England
Occupation: Farm laborer

Rhoda comes from an English father and a Romani mother. Her biological mother was shunned from a gypsy camp due to getting pregnant out of wedlock as a teenager. Rhoda's blind aunt Emanaia left the camp with her pregnant sister, eventually becoming Rhoda's mother figure, as Rhoda's mother died in childbirth. Before dying, she instructed Emanaia that she name the child a "proper English name" in hopes of securing her future somewhat.

Both Rhoda and her aunt, whose age difference is as if they were merely sisters, ended up in a "home for wayward girls" until they were old enough to be on their own. The nuns who ran the place were sometimes unkind to Rhoda and her aunt because of them being gypsies. When Rhoda turned 18, she found employment working in fields, traveling with her aunt as the seasons changed.

Rhoda was falsely accused of stealing from her previous employer by someone who worked with her. She was blacklisted after being cleared. Not knowing where she and her aunt would end up next, they end up in Tyrehampton during one of their usual travels across England. Lacking in energy and resources by this point, Rhoda deems it best they stay in Tyrehampton, at least for a while. Rhoda manages to find some form of employment, and concealing her Romani identity from the general public in the process.

Rhoda is a very cynical, pessimistic, cold, calculating girl, hardened by her life circumstances. She's a hard worker, and tried her best to make sure she is providing for her family. She has a strong personality, often seen leading others whenever she can. She often talks out of turn, questions England's social hierarchy, and has a short temper and little patience with those she doesn't get along with.

Because of her very, very low social status, she often ends up with the wrong kinds of thieves, chicken thieves, poachers, etc., as friends, without knowing until she hears of them getting in trouble with the law. Fortunately, she doesn't easily get emotionally invested in people.

She is not a member of any church or practicing any religion, but she is an avid Bible reader, and believes in and loves God. She believes most churches and religions to be full of hypocrisy in her experience.

When she sets her mind to a long term goal, there is no stopping her. She will achieve the results she is looking for, even if it takes her a long time to do it.

She loves animals, particularly her horse.

She can embroider and make beaded jewelry very well.

She has been taught the skills needed to become a teacher or governess due to the environment she grew up in, but has found no use for them yet.
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