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Myra Lakeman

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nonsenseandstuff Myra Lakeman
Age: 18
Marital Status: Single
Children: None
Nationality: American
Birthplace: Waterford, Virginia


Myra, born in 1785 in Waterford, Virginia, a second-generation Englishwoman, her parents having moved to America from Leicester. Her parents were loyalists during the war. Emma

Myra lived in a pleasant upper middle class family situation in Virginia up until the age of 10, when she discovered that her then 20-year-old brother Jem had become an opium addict and alcoholic.

People in Waterford began to talk, and things were becoming harder and harder for the family. At the age of 16, her parents decided to send her to Tyrehampton, where her aunt and uncle live. She arrives to Tyrehampton the day they expect her, however her uncle unexpectedly dies of a heart attack the day before her arrival and Myra doesn't meet her aunt until a few days later. She eventually becomes her aunt's companion.

Myra, though missing her parents and siblings deeply, is happy to begin a new chapter of her life in Tyrehampton and meet new acquaintances.


Birth date: July 20, 1785
Place of birth: Waterford, Virginia
Ethnic background: English, some Scottish
Height: 5'4"
Eye color: Light blue
Skin tone: Fair
Other features: She is freckly, and has been deemed plain because of her freckles and red hair.

Lives with her aunt, Mrs. Hayward.
She has a dog she dearly loves.
Works as a seamstress to continue to support herself and her aunt.
Although not poor, she dresses somewhat plain, even for balls.
Something she frequently says is "forgive me" or "pardon me", because she is not as genteel as may be expected and is also clumsy.
She can usually be seen in her home sewing ladies dresses, men's cravats and shirts, and many other lovely things. She can also be seen tending to her aunt's garden, as her aunt is somewhat disabled.
Though she is slender in appearance, she is a sturdy girl with a lot of energy.
She tends to think out loud a lot, sometimes at inappropriate times.
She can be very blunt and straightforward at times, without meaning to be. It is partially her nature, but partially because of all the arguments she has been in with her oldest brother who could occasionally get aggressive, argumentative and threatening when under the influence.
She is very much an extrovert, loves to socialize. She is also very much a thinker, loves puzzles, etc.
She is particularly good at dancing, because her mother was adamant about sending her to dance lessons before leaving for England.
Her happiest memories were when her parents surprised her with a pony as a little girl, and also when her father surprised her with her own dog to look after.
Her saddest memory was when she discovered her oldest brother's secret and mentioned it to him for the first time. He told her not to tell anyone, but she knew in her heart she needed to tell someone. So when she told her father, her brother wanted nothing to do with her ever again.
As you can probably already tell, she is very close to her father. She and her mother are close too, but they often don't get along with each other.
Being the youngest daughter of 7 (with 3 stillborn siblings before her), she has many nieces and nephews.
She is perceived by others as being very honest and straightforward, perhaps a little childlike given her age and manner of upbringing.
She is a realist.
Most comfortable when spending time with friends and family.
Very spontaneous and impulsive.
Doesn't let people's comments of how "plain" and "homely" they think she is bother her.
Beauty and status is of little consequence to her. She would marry a man of lower status than her own if she wanted to.
She is open to change, and looks forward to the future with eagerness.
Posted 6 months ago
nonsenseandstuff Woops...I meant to correct her age from 18 to 16! And I even proofread this before posting. ;P
Posted 6 months ago
sophiaunderwood (( Welcome Miss Lakeman! I play Mrs. Creasey from last night, as well as her cousin Reginald Gordon, a young widow Lucy Fairchild, and Lucy's brother Adam Wilson.

How funny you should have Miss Lakeman be a seamstress. xMayberry actually /just/ had her seamstress character, Persephone Callahan, quit the dress shop! ))
Posted 6 months ago
xMayberry ((indeed she did! I named the shop owner Mrs. Adler if you care to take from some.old story. No one else had messed with having a seamstress before so I just took some creative initiatives.

Welcome to the game! ))
Posted 6 months ago

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