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Liesl Bergmann

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Amy de l'ABC Liesl examines the house in a great deal of curiosity as she passed through the servants' door. She has wondered for some time what it will look like, and, though of course they have stopped at various dwellings along the way, has not been able to help wondering if an English house that is grand enough to hold Her Highness shall be like a German one which has that same honor, or whether it will feel markedly different. The servants' area, she decides, in slight disappointment, seems to be very much the same, but as she sees her mistress' baggage settled and the room ready for her arrival, she notes everything of interest in any part of the house she enters. And then, too, there are the people--her favorite part, for the English are strange creatures, and she has seen all sorts since they arrived. She is not very fond of some of them, nor of the fact that many seem to look down on her, more than is reasonable for a lady's maid (she is, of course, not high class, but she is not dirt under their feet, either, nor /stupid/). And their language is dreadful, with all the wrong sounds; though she has picked it up reasonably well, it grates on her tongue and tastes odd in her mouth, and she prefers the smoothness of French or the earthiness of her native German. Beyond that, it is amusing to see their faces when they underestimate her abilities, so, though she does not dare to thicken her accent on purpose, she does speak German whenever she may, and practices her English when she is alone.
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