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Sybille Hohenzollern

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Grizella Campbell-Coffin Sybille looks up at the great house as the coach comes up the drive, taking its measure, and judging it neither the most nor the least impressive place in which she has resided. She turns so that Freiin Karolina might help her adjust whatever about her ensemble needs adjusting before the coach jolts to a stop in front of the house, the coachman opening the door which bears the impaled arms of the houses of Hohenzollern and Zähringen, crowned with a coronet.

After having entered the house; the residence of those gracious enough to accept a person of uncertain a position as one of her station might be, she is announced as she stands at the door of the drawing room, the purple silk skirts of her redingote sweeping the fine marble floor; “Her Serene Highness, Princess Louise Amalia Carolina Sibylle Auguste.”
Posted 6 months ago
Grizella Campbell-Coffin ((Nota bene: I have created this character as a junior princess of Prussia, with no intention to 'lord' over anyone, nor exert any influence. Although she is of royal blood, it is of Prussian royal blood, not English, Scottish, nor Irish, and I have no intention to try and conquer Tyrehampton, Oakston, or Template for Prussia, I promise. ;-) ))
Posted 6 months ago

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