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Miss Emma Roecroft

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nonsenseandstuff Emma Roecroft, 19 years of age, born in the North Riding of Yorkshire.

Emma barely recalls her father, him having died when she was about five years old of an injury he received at work that took a turn for the worse over the course of a month (or, so she has been told.) It pains her mother to speak of him much. The family moved to Tyrehampton about a year after his death.

She is betrothed to Lord Hugh Cavendish, for reasons of money, against her will. No one in Tyrehampton knows it, because she is very careful who she talks to about it, and hopes one day to cut ties with him once and for all. Lord Cavendish, though rich and handsome and everything a young lady could ask for, is an overbearing and jealous sort of person.

Emma does not, at the moment, focus on marriage right now. However, should the right person come along, she will reconsider, albeit over the course of time.

Her family is not wealthy by any means, though not considered poor either.

Emma is often perceived as an aloof, cold, calculating sort of girl. The truth is that she is very logical. She does not let feelings or emotion cloud her judgment, and, is generally not very well in touch with her own feelings. While she is usually assertive, she has a hard time being so in extreme cases of conflict, which is why she is still engaged. She often prefers her own company over that of society, and, although polite and being perfectly aware of all manners of decorum, does not like to conform to society's expectations. She will do so begrudgingly when under pressure.
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