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MiriMaze Several whispers would have erupted around the village of Tyrehampton as soon as Miss Elizabeth - or 'Lizbeth', depending on your level of intimacy with her acquiantance, - Pooley's foot stepped from her carriage onto the dirt road. Though a woman with relatively average means, she held herself with an air that befitted someone of much higher a rank, and perhaps of much higher an income. Her arrival had not formally been announced, but with the right amount of gossip and connection, most would be able to discover that her father, William Pooley, was a relatively successful lawyer who worked largely out of London. Her mother's (Genevieve Blois) family had been French nobility that fled to Great Britain during the Revolution, but of course with emigration came the loss of their formal titles and almost all of their wealth - getting by largely on their wits and charm, something the Blois family was no stranger to.
It seemed she favoured her mother's side of the family, both in looks and disposition. Her skin was extremely fair, which contrasted sharply to her dark eyes and black hair. Quick of wit and even quicker to laugh, there was no doubt that the woman was highly intelligent - which perhaps may have been a great detriment to herself.
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MiriMaze ((oops - I posted this too soon and twice accidentally !))
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MiriMaze (cont.)
There had rarely been a day that Elizabeth had passed in the company of her mother without her reminding her daughter of her blue blooded roots. This - naturally - went to the young woman's head. Of course, this overly prideful and headstrong woman had left her without a husband, even at the ripe age of twenty-one. Lizbeth was beginning to see her marriage prospects dwindle considerably, which was one of the reasons behind the relocation to the small town, in hopes of catching someone who had not been frequent around the London 'ton'.
Her father was no help in curbing her attitudes. He doted on his only child, and moreover allowed her to frequently indulge in topics that may not have been suitable to a young lady's learning. Often, he jested that his daughter would have made a smashing advocate, if universities allowed women admission to such things. Her family's oddness was constantly acting against their charming and pleasant natures - and good family connections on her father's side - which somehow had allowed them to stay a part of pleasant society.
Now all that was left was for Miss Lizbeth to attempt to make her own way in the world, whether through marriage or whatever means were available to bright woman such as herself.
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sophiaunderwood (( Welcome Miss Pooley! I play Sophia Creasey, her cousin Reginald Gordon, Lucy Fairchild, and her brother Adam Wilson. Just in case you're checking forums regularly and get to see this in time, a few regular players do plan to try and get in client this evening [Wed Jul 12 EST/CST], barring any bugginess. There have been some troubles with login recently. But if all goes well, we'd love to 'meet' you! ))
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