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marty161 Captain George MacHeath, 30
MacHeath (who bears no relation, either in blood or temperment, to the fictional rakish highwayman of the same name) is the second son and third living child of the late Mr. John MacHeath, who found his wealth importing textiles (as well as raw materials for the Spitalfields silk industry), and his wife, Anne, the only daughter of a retired infantry officer originally from Tyrehampton. His two living siblings are Susannah "Sukey" Lock (35), who resides in Manchester with her husband, and Edward (32), who took charge of the family's business after the passing of the late Mr MacHeath.

Captain MacHeath was born in London, and at a young age, he decided he wanted to continue in his grandfather's footsteps, and convinced his father to let him become a "gentleman volunteer". Although he initially struggled to adjust to the decidedly un-romantic realities of military life, he eventually proved to be an able soldier. He was lucky enough to be given a commission after only four years of service.
A few years later, after the death of his father, he was surprised to find that he had been left just enough money to become captain. Shortly after this, he had a falling out with his brother, which most believe was over both money, and George's close association with one of his fellow officers. Since then, he has had little communication with his brother. He is, however, quite close to his sister, and they frequently exchange letters.
Until recently, he has been fighting in the Peninsula, but was badly wounded at Corunna and has chosen to remove to Tyrehampton whilst he recovers.

He is of barely-average height, quite plump, and somewhat more pretty than handsome, with soft, mouse-brown curls and rosy cheeks. He typically has little interest in fine clothes (and little means to obtain them), although his pride in his uniform can get a bit excessive, and he can often be found fussing over some tiny flaw he has discovered in it. He is of a jovial, energetic temperment, eager to please as many people as possible, but he can occasionally seem unintenionally callous when he tries to make a joke out of some serious situation, and humour can quickly verge into rather ungentlemanly territory after a few drinks.

(I was not sure what year we are currently playing in, but if the Peninsular War is too late or too early, or there is some other problem, I'll be happy to change things!)
Posted 7 months ago
Doug You can select the writing table in Ms. Hatch's parlor and select News and at the top of the news page is the date.

Posted 7 months ago
marty161 (I would just like to mention I have made a small change to MacHeath's backstory to better fit the date. He was wounded in the fighting that took place at the River Côa on July 24, 1810, as opposed to the Battle of Corunna, which happened in January of 1809)
Posted 7 months ago
Grizella Campbell-Coffin ((Hi! I play Grizella Elmsworth, Georgiana Beaumont, and Jeanne-Elisabeth, Priscilla, and Richard Reneau. The 'regular' players [most of whom, due to the last update, have a great deal of trouble logging in to the client or can't log in at all] use the date '18XX' in postings as the in-game calendar moves /much/ too fast to play in real-time/semi-real-time, so we don't really follow that. We're tentatively playing at around 1806/1807 right now, following real-time seasons, the current month being June. Hopefully I'll be able to 'meet' you soon!))
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sophiaunderwood (( Howdy. MacHeath sounds like a wonderful addition to our little village! I play Sophia Creasey (nee Underwood), her cousin Reginald Gordon, Lucy Fairchild, and her brother Adam Wilson. Not sure of the odds you'll see this in time, but there are definitely a few regular players planning to try to be in client this evening [Wed Jul 12]. The majority of us are in EST or CST time zones. ))
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