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Announcing the arrival of Lady Jupeck

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Lady Jupeck Greetings and salutations,

Please allow me to impose upon you for a few moments of your time.

I am the Lady Jupeck.

I am new to your lovely little community, and have only met one single living soul and she ran away when I dared to approached. I am sure it was not at me particularly that she was fleeing from because I know and am known by no one in your fair town. I pray this reception will not be repeated by the general population. I come unencumbered by business associates, friends and staff on purpose. I pray that my singularity will make me appear more approachable this way. As I notice there is not a lot of activity at this time I can only assume that most home owners have not yet returned from their winter holidays.

Only recently, due to the passing of my mother, I have attained the status and the means that allows me to finally fulfill my life long dreams. I will not turn back. I am determined to settle down here, and still keep our fully staffed family home in Bath. I dream of possibly opening a little shop that amuses, is desired by, or gives employment, pleasure and comfort to local ladies, aid the less fortunate, and also get to share my true origin with my aunt and uncle in time. I can only hope to accomplish all of this before the rumors start up about me, as they seem to do whenever I expand my business into neighboring territories.

I am the only child of Claire Darcy, the eldest daughter of an earl and the great-niece of Lady Catherine De Bourgh, and cousin to the two Darcy children, Fitzwilliam and Georgiana. My name has been unknown and never mentioned because at the age of seven, my dear mother was sent to a convent in a small town just east of Bath known as Widcome, while her parents went abroad with the new heir a parent. While her parents were gone the convent burnt to the ground and only she escaped with a locket, a Bible, and a prayer.

She was then taken in by the Fire chief and his wife, given their last name and passed off as their long lost daughter.

Last month, My frail mother told me, with tears streaming down her cheeks, from her death bed, that if I ever revealed my true self, without proof, I would be sent to a special type of hospital for my delusions. It was then that she pressed two items into my hands. I now have proof of our identity. The first item is a silver necklace (kept under security in a bank in Bath) with a picture of my grand-parents, my mother and infant Fitzwilliam. The only other proof I have of my true self is in the information contained in my mother’s Bible. Plus, my mother made me memorize where on the Pemberley estate my grandparents hid a letter that would lead the bearer to a vast amount of money, jewels and other documents that they had collected from tenants, with a letter stating the funds would one day be divided between their three children, and their children. Though I have no plans to force myself on my true family, or to claim such funds, I do wish to gain their trust and love.

Having lost a second set of parents, at the age of sixteen when my mother’s adopted parents died of a plague, her only option was to marry the first kind, attentive, happy, lively, religious man that proposed. Reginald Jupeck was every bit the ‘Lord of the Manor’, a gentleman of pecuniary advantage as well as owning a respectable amount of property from an inheritance. He was much older than she, and the minister of the local church in Widcombe, seated on Church Street with the parsonage attached to St Thomas à Beckett Church, for a score and five years. However, he joined half of his congregation, and became a clergyman in the military, to fight for truth and freedom. Again, death knocked on my mother’s door as he died his first time in combat, three months after they were married. With no other living relatives his fortune was bestowed on her, his widow, who was with child, his child. Need I say that I never new my father except for the few tales my mother shared.

I am now one score and twelve and have remained unwed by choice in order to protect my inheritance and as such, my position, as to be able to search out and get to know my blood relatives.

If it be the will of Heaven that the love of my life, or at least the stability of a sensible marriage should present itself, I would not be adverse to the notion.

While I still have my wits about me I wish to be a blessing and not a hindrance to those who attend me. I have made some excellent speculations and hold claim to a large bit of property in the heart Bath that renders about 18,000 pounds a year (meaning that I am really, really rich) but prefer to live modestly and hide the knowledge that my health is failing faster than the doctors expected.

If I am able to find companions that I can trust, employees that are loyal, and a home that is comfortable, I will allow my history to work its way into conversations with others so they get to know me (as I would in real life). One of my most urgent goals had been met, my new home has been found in Oakston.

I will try to balance happiness and duty, and am nothing like Fanny Dashwood who esteems station more important than kindness! I would rather sacrifice station and my reputation than to desert those who are less blessed than myself. I have always landed on my feet. Now it is my turn to help the less fortunate and deserving children of God, as my dear departed father would have wanted. I will work to improve those traits that are in line with my character and the character that I have chosen to portray, and insinuate them throughout my experience among you.
Now I will very soon be needing to fill three positions requiring a few hours a week; a capable maid, an experienced personal assistant, and a social secretary with status. Should any of you know of anyone, male or female, in need of such employment, please seek me out and we can discus the matter over tea. At that time we may negotiate payment.

I look forward to meeting one and all in the very near future.

Lady Jupeck
Posted 8 months ago

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