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Miss Mirithorn Dryden

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Mirithorn I am pleased to make you acquaintance, my name is Mirithorn Dryden. Please allow me to introduce myself!

I am three and twenty, average height and build, dark blonde hair frames hazel eyes with a splash of freckles across my cheeks.
My family is small, just my mother and father and a younger sister Georgia, (Though she's barely eleven now and growing like a weed!) and the few servants we employ. We lived in my father's estate of Worthfordshire.
My mother likes to boast of having an accomplished daughter though I feel she embellishes, and I know I have much to learn of the world. I do love to read and draw, I am even embarrassingly fond of composing poetry.
A wonderful afternoon filled with reading or just daydreaming can only be outdone with a day filled with adventure I feel, and there is no better cure for ailments than laughter.
Posted 10 months ago
Mirithorn I took a wonderful walk today, the fresh air of Tyrehampton is very pleasing! I do find myself a little homesick but it comes and goes.
Posted 10 months ago

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