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Bridget Oliver

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jclemons32 Bridget Oliver is a 21-year-old girl from Cheshire.
She was born to Cynthia Fredericks of Kildare, Ireland and Nathan Oliver of Cheshire. Cynthia is a headstrong woman, quite opposite of her daughter. She wishes that all of her children succeed greatly in life. Nathan Oliver was a respected and highly skilled woodworker (carpenter, if you will). He specialised in furniture making and his ornate and beautiful designs caught the eye of the most well-respected people in England, Ireland, and other parts of the world. It's not unlikely, if you are a nobleman, that you have a piece of furniture built by Nathan Oliver. Having a piece of his work in your home means that you have exquisite taste (Bridget finds this funny.)

Unfortunately, last year, Nathan Oliver passed away suddenly. His family mourned greatly, especially poor Bridget. She was amazingly close with her father. Along with the Oliver family, the noble people mourned the loss of the exquisite furniture. That was until they learned that Nathan's second, oldest son was taking over his business. Michael is just as skilled as his father was and the furniture will still bear the Oliver name.

Bridget is the youngest of 5 children. She has 3 older brothers and 1 twin brother. Her brothers, in order from oldest to youngest, are: Patrick, Michael, Stephen, and Benjamin. Patrick and Michael are the only Oliver boys to be married.

Bridget is a meek girl. She is small in stature, but her figure is well developed. She has red hair, as do all of her siblings, green eyes and a pale complexion. Her face is soft and there seems to be always a hint of a smile. Her physical features are striking, however, they tend to be hidden by her plain clothes. She is not a noblewoman, but her family is well-respected among the noble people, as her father was well respected. Her father made good money and supported their family well. You could not tell, however, by way of Bridget. She dressed rather plain. Not poor looking, but not rich looking either.
She is an educated woman. She is fluent in English, French, and Latin. She is masterful at the harp. She enjoys reading and walking outside.

She is not in pursuit of a husband, although that is why her mother has sent her to Tyrehampton to stay with her aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Fredricks. Why her mother chose Tyrehampton, she does not know, but she will do as asked. Any normal girl would have been introduced to society years ago. Let’s call Bridget a late-bloomer.

If you have any other questions about Bridget, inquire upon Mrs. Fredericks. She is an incessant gossip and probably will not hesitate to tell you Bridget's complete life story.

((Sorry if this is a book haha. You should see the actual word document that I have set up for Bridget :P))
Posted 10 months ago
Loua I love it and can't wait to meet her! I play several characters whom I think will all like her!
Posted 10 months ago
jclemons32 Bridget Oliver can be found at 39 Low Street
Posted 10 months ago

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