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Miss Kaylee Clemmons

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cadleigh Miss Kaylee Clemmons is a young girl of 20, with lively blue eyes, and soft facial features, which make her look younger than she is. Her face is often upturned in a charming smirk. Her mood is generally very gay, and her remarks are witty. She enjoys amusement and seeing new things, and learning about people – both good and bad. She is generally polite to all.
Miss Clemmons is visiting her cousins, the Grants, in Tyrehampton while her family attends to business in London. She hails from Derbyshire. Her family owned houses both there and in London as well. Her father is a squire, the principle landowner in the district. Her family does not want for money. She has no brothers or sisters. Being an only child had meant that she had the best education in the town, and was often the best dressed as well. She was constantly doted on by her parents. But she needed a change of scenery, and when it was announced that her family was traveling back to the city, she quickly found a way to spend time elsewhere, which brought her to her cousin’s house.
Her job, like many other young women, is only to marry. She has a small hope of finding someone in Tyrehampton that will be a kindred spirit, so to say, but does not believe it to be her only option.
Posted 11 months ago
Lady Jupeck My Dearest Miss Clemmons,
I was delighted to see your post announcing your arrival. I in fact only arrived in the area yesterday! I believe I remember my mother mentioning your father as being an honest and respectable land owner, as dutiful as herself in such matters. It is rare that men even give a nodding acquaintance to women in business but your father rare in that regard. As neither of our families had want for money, we are both 'only children', like many other young women, who are expected to marry, maybe we could be each others companion on occasion, for shopping, tea, and walks around the town. Should this be to your liking please drop me a note.
Posted 8 months ago
cadleigh Lady Jupeck,
I would be very happy if we could accompany one another on these occasions, as I have found it quite difficult to find other companions who would be willing to do so. I do hope to see you in town soon!
Posted 5 months ago
sophiaunderwood (( Just a heads up ladies - I know it's hard to find other players since our community is so small. I think some of us will be in client around 8pm EST tonight. =) ))
Posted 5 months ago

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