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Louisa Davenport

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clara_davenport My name is Louisa Davenport.
My father brother and i live in a modest estate in Allerford.
I am one of two siblings - I have a brother , Edward- the elder of us both who is in London studying law.
My mother Died of a chest ague. Father said she worried herself to death after the loss of my sister Clara from bilious fever.

I myself, i am well versed in Music, horticulture and have a skilled hand at needlework. I keep a herb garden behind the orangery .
I adore afternoon tea and Opera.
My father Brandon, Has disallowed myself to ride since my unfortunate accident which ended myself into a gooseberry bush. My governess Mrs Hammond seemed most vexed at the state of my new muslin gown, but was pleased i had suffered no malady.

I believe in charity and kindness and do not sit well when friends become distressed or spoken ill of.

It is wonderful to make your acquaintances,
Yours affably ,

Louisa Davenport.
Posted 11 months ago
clara_davenport Louisa is , unfortunately as her Papa states daily a headstrong girl who should be looking for a suitable husband and Not sticking her nose into Plants.
She finds pleasure in her own company and aiding those in finding happiness themselves rather than she, who never thinks of who she might Wed.
She is a literate Young woman, With a Large Dowry. Her Father Brandon Never Discloses the amount until someone he feels Right for her is worthy enough, to hand over his only surviving daughter.

The Davenports are a respectable family having royal lineage within their ancestry and have many friends in the Aristocracy. They are Gentry- Not Aristocratic, But with the Estate Passed down throughout the generations and vast acreage , The tithe from his tenants brings in substantial income as well as their new Silk dealings in the newly Discovered Middle East. ( This pleases Louisa, She loves silk)

Louisa unlike her departed sister is unfortunately a bit of a free thinker- Dangerous i hear you gasp.
That may be so, But her loyalty to her father, Her friends and family makes her a wonderful person indeed.

Posted 11 months ago
clara_davenport Louisa Davenport-

looks- High cheek bones, Full lips, large dark brown eyes rosy cheeks and dark brown hair. Slim and well groomed eyebrows, with a small beauty spot above her lip.
Large rotund bosom, small waist large hips.
Posted 11 months ago
Lady Jupeck Dear Miss Davenport,
I only arrived in town yesterday and heard of you. Sometimes it can get strange being in a new place. It appears that we have a few things in common, plants, raised as only daughters, and a bit of a free thinker...
If you would like to talk gardening, hardiness zones, first frosts and share some tea, go for a walk or spend time window shopping, feel free to contact me.
Lady Jupeck
Posted 8 months ago

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