To Mrs. Sophia Creasey; from Miss Aoibhe Byrne  

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Mrs. Creasey-

Thank you kindly for receiving me in your home when I called upon you recently. I am pleased that you are as enthusiastic about the notion of reviving a Ladies Aid Society in Tyrehampton as I am.  I have taken the liberty of brainstorming some possible ideas for a first venture, though I realize the prematurity of such an idea given that we have get to gather a substantial membership.  But with the cold weather swiftly gripping Tyrehampton and all that reside within its borders, I thought perhaps appealing to the village for warm blankets or something similar might be an effective way to begin.

That said, I do not think we should draft a potential list of ladies with a very large piece of paper. Such an organization, meant to represent Tyrehampton at its finest and most good, should hold its membership to the highest standards.

I am afraid I am not very well acquainted with Miss Parrish, but if you feel my idea is sufficient, I can still write to Miss Hughes. I also plan to spend more time visiting with the ladies at Mrs. Hatch's school, to gauge if there are ladies of quality that would have the goodness of heart and gentleness of spirit for such an endeavor.

I am ever your humble servant,

Aoibhe Byrne


Posted : 30/11/2018 10:12 pm

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