To Mr. Horace Mabry, From Miss Daphe Welby  

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((This was also sent via in-game mail, but as that seemed wonky, I didn't trust it))

*The following letter is delivered to Mr. Mabry; it is short and the handwriting not so neat as its author would wish.  Although, since she was being watched now by her parents as she had not been since before her come out, she knew that speed and stealth were her best options at present, even if they did not permit for a very good letter.  She would just pray that before long she could see Mr. Mabry in person again.*

Dear Mr. Mabry,

Pray forgive my hasty scrawl, for there is little time. A servant sent your letter on to me for Hester & I were forced to return to Kent; Papa had cut off our funds without explanation.  I hope to return to Tyrehampton soon. Hester has a plan, God help us.  Please trust that I remain your affectionate -- Daphne


Posted : 01/09/2018 8:35 pm

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