To Miss Daphne Welby, From Mr Horace Mabry  

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Dear Miss Welby,


To begin, I feel I must apologize two-fold. Firstly for whatever ill-feelings the trick involving my sister might have caused and second for writing a letter instead of paying a call. The expression of sentiments is not my strongest skill, so it was thought practical to write in order to avoid my fumbling words making a mess of things and causing further embarrassment. I must confess that learning of your own thoughts, inadvertently as it may have been, brought me hope for mine own. You have found a way into my highest of esteems and deepest of affections. Though wishing to expand upon the many reasons, I have been taught that brevity is best, thus I shall leave it at that and with a gift. Perhaps the plant might express that which my words alone cannot. Though I am uncertain how how to proceed at this juncture, it seemed best that the honest truth be available to us both.


With Hope and Affection,


Horace Mabry

((the letter is delivered with a certain rosebush))

Posted : 16/07/2018 8:34 pm

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