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Hello all!

I just joined and I’m so excited, but to say I’m a novice would be an understatement! My character is Juliet Blackmore, please do give me any tips on roleplaying! Also, I just wanted to clarify why I’ve arrived in the area? Am I right in thinking I’m a student? If so, who is Mrs Hatch in relation to me? Thanks so much for the help!

Posted : 16/08/2018 11:16 am
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Hi, we've met in game, I'm Mel - I play Captain Fortune, among others. You're doing fine so far!   😀 
The basic scenario is that you're a student and Mrs Hatch runs the school. But you can make up whatever back story you like.

Posted : 17/08/2018 12:39 pm
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Glad to have you! My character Fenella Stuart met Miss Blackmore briefly yesterday! I hope to see you more with  her or one of my other demon children! I second what Mel said, just run with it and come up with whatever little backstory you want. 🙂

Posted : 17/08/2018 8:00 pm

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