Silas Turner and Alexander Stanton Get to Know Captain Windham  

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((This scene is a collaboration between the players of Simon Windham, Silas Turner, and Alexander Stanton. It takes place directly after the blizzard event. The three men spent the blizzard holed up in the church (and flirted a little) and once they could leave Silex invited their new friend Simon over since he has a bad leg and couldn’t walk all the way to Oakston in the deep snow. Oh, and it is worth noting that Alex has broken his right hand while helping some people in a carriage escape the blizzard.

Content Warning: there is flirting, kissing, and implied sex, though it fades to black for that part then fades back in later for some conversation.))

Silas had gallantly offered to take Alex's horse, Cleveland, back to the stables so that Alex could avoid the task with his injured hand. Alex, therefore, led Simon out of the church and across the street to his townhouse at 32 Low Street.

Upon entering, he hangs up his greatcoat and a servant rushes up to him. She is clearly worried, but calms once Alex explains he and Silas are fine and that Silas will be along shortly. He asks for food to be brought as soon as possible and shows Simon into the parlor. It is a well furnished room, lots of golds and reds. There is a large bookshelf along one wall, but only the bottom-most shelf seems to have any books--a few legal volumes, a few accounting books, and several books on Scotland. The rest of the shelves are lined with liquor and wine bottles of varying shapes and sizes. Also hung on the wall, above the fireplace, are two framed drawings of Alex and Silas.

"Food should be along shortly. What can I get you to drink?" Alex gestures to the shelves of alcohol. "Ah, unless you prefer tea."


Simon follows Alex across the street and into his home, hanging up his coat next to Alex's and then following behind him into the parlor. He looks around curiously as he walks, glancing around the parlor appreciatively. At the sight of the bookshelf, he raises an eyebrow. The assortment of alcohol is one to be envied, the likes of which he has not seen since he was home many years ago. As Alex motions to them, he steps closer to them so he can look more closely. First, he glances at the books, not finding anything particularly interesting to him. His eyes travel back up to the bottles, and he turns back to Alex with a nod and a smile. "Tea would not do at all. Honestly, I avoid the stuff when something stronger is made available." After a moment's consideration he decides, "I believe I will have whatever you choose. I wouldn't wish to drink your best stuff without your permission." He winks cheekily and steps back so Alex might have better access to the shelves.


Alex grins, pleased that Simon seems impressed with the selection. He laughs when the fellow mentions avoiding tea when possible. "As do I. Or, at the very least, I add a generous amount of whiskey to my tea whenever possible." He looks over the bottles, finally grabbing a bottle of wine. "Well, let's start with this. It's a very good French wine. Mariah, my... well, the lady I'm courting, keeps us stocked in the stuff." He opens the wine and pours some into a glass for himself and for Simon, handing Simon's over. "Please, Captain Windham, make yourself comfortable." There are a couple chairs, a chaise, and a window bench running beneath the front parlor window to choose from.


"Ah, an idea I should have thought of long before. It is easy enough to avoid tea when at sea. And easy enough on land as well as long as you avoid places like Mrs. Hatch's parlor, I suppose." At the choice of wine, Simon gives an approving nod. Taking his glass, he gives it an appraising sniff before taking a sip. "This is quite good!" He happily takes a seat on the chaise, wishing to stay as far from the chill of the window as possible. "I must say, I had no idea you were courting anyone. I rather thought..." He frowns, not sure he should say what he thought. Instead he changes the subject entirely. "Tell me, Mr. Stanton, what is it you do? Or are you a gentleman of leisure like my brother?"


Alex adds a couple more logs to the fire, just to make sure it's nice and warm, and then sits in an armchair across from the chaise. He takes a sip of his wine and nods. "I am. And Silas is already engaged." He clears his throat a little awkwardly, not sure how much to say. "Ah, not that we're in any hurry to marry." He adjusts in his seat. "Technically I'm a gentleman of leisure, but I do enjoy the odd bit of accounting now and then. It's what first brought me to Tyrehampton, actually. My grandmother needed help managing her estate and I was looking to escape London, so..." He trails off with a shrug. "What brought you here?"


Simon frowns for a second, before allowing his grin to return and lifting his glass. "Well, then I suppose congratulations are in order. Though I quite understand the reticence to marry. I am unsure I could ever stomach it. I quite enjoy my freedom." He sips at his wine as Alex explains his being in Tyrehampton. "London can be quite... well, I'm sure you know. I was there myself, but found it to be too taxing on my leg. The physician suggested the air in Derbyshire might do better for me, and so here I am." He shrugs slightly, and takes another drink of his wine. "And Mr. Turner? How did he come to be in Tyrehampton? Or should I wait and ask him when he arrives?"


Silas Turner comes in like the blizzard that ended only a few hours ago, all at once starving and freezing and eager to spend time with two handsome fellows. "Hoo!" he exclaims, shutting the door hard behind him. He stamps the knee-high snow off his boots and shrugs off his greatcoat, asking the approaching servant to get a hot bath ready. Finally he steps into the parlor, grinning to see Alex and Captain Windham there and immediately walks over to the shelf to pour himself some whiskey, having failed to notice that the others are drinking wine. "What a sight for sore eyes! Did I miss any backgammon or chess?" he teases, turning around to them and taking a big gulp, still a little out of breath from making his way through the deep snow.


Alex grabs Silas' green blanket off the back of the chair he's sitting in and tosses it over to Silas. "Ah, no backgammon or chess. Just talking. Food will be brought shortly." He glances at Captain Windham. "The captain was just asking why you came to Tyrehampton, actually, so your timing is impeccable."


Simon laughs at Silas's exclamation as he enters the house, grinning at him as he comes into the parlor. "Still cold out there, I take it? Luckily for you, Mr. Stanton has made it plenty warm in here." He raises an eyebrow at the man's question, but is happy enough to let Alex answer. "We've not been here long. You've arrived with plenty of time to spare," he says with a playful wink at Silas.


Silas catches the blanket with his free hand and gives Alex a grateful smile, having been just about to look for it. He sets his glass down long enough to adjust it over his shoulders and then grabs his drink and plops down in the other armchair between the two men, stretching his feet towards the fire. His gaze lingers on the captain when he winks, a curious smirk turning up the corners of his lips. He glances back to Alex, merriment in his eyes. "Well excellent. Shall I tell him the polite reason I came here, or the real reason?"


Alex looks from Silas to the captain. "Well, I suppose it's the topic we can either dance around or speak plainly about." He takes a healthy drink from his wine and opens his mouth to address the topic just as a servant enters carrying a tray of food. Alex promptly shuts his mouth. The servant gives them all a warm smile and sets the tray down on the coffee table, within reach of them all. It has a plate laden with cold lamb sandwiches with mustard, as well as some honeyed bread and cheese. She curtsies and hurries out of the room. Alex grabs a sandwich and tears into it, pausing long enough to say, "I apologize for seeming a little obtuse, but just to be certain, Captain Windham... you do know what backgammon means, yes?"


Simon tilts his head to one side curiously as it seems he is about to have an explanation of things far sooner than expected. Of course, then the servant enters to make things awkward. He smiles his thanks to her as she leaves the food, reaching forward to take a sandwich for himself though he does not eat it quite yet. He levels a long stare at Alex for a moment, glancing once to Silas, before he rolls his eyes and nods, an amused grin on his face. "Indeed, Mr. Stanton. I am quite familiar with the term, and happily so. Though I must admit to being surprised to find anyone in such a small town who is not only aware of it, but willing to ask if someone is interested in /playing/."


Silas' eyes widen slightly at Alex's boldness but looks appreciatively at Captain Windham for answering. "It's a risk wherever one goes, I suppose. To the question, then, I came to Tyrehampton because my parents wanted me away from London's... influences... and perhaps to avoid further embarrassment. I come from a long line of respected and influential barristers and I went into the opera instead. One night after a successful show, I was caught... backgammoning and, dangerous game that it is, it started a fight. Almost got me killed." There's an edge of survivor's pride in his voice and he untucks the front of his shirt and pulls it up to show a series of scars on his abdomen, then he shrugs and takes another gulp of whiskey. "Once I healed up, they sent me here with the understanding that it would never happen again." A grin returns to his face when he looks at Alex. "Now I lead a very respectable life. Eye glasses and everything."


"Except you still, ah, play backgammon regularly." Alex chuckles. "Unfortunately for your parents, you didn't /entirely/ escape London's influences." He had finished off his first sandwich as Silas talked and now grabs a second sandwich, still hungry. "I met Silas my second week here and we... well, we've more or less been together ever since."


Simon frowns slightly as Silas tells his story, his frown increasing at the revelation of the scars. Of course, Simon has his own scars, though he thinks they must be far less traumatic than what Silas has experienced. He wonders if the source of the scars gives Silas night terrors as Simon’s experience does for him. But Silas’s smile returns and Simon cannot resist smiling too. “Oh yes, spectacles automatically make one respectable.” He winks at Silas before looking back to Alex with a grin. “I suppose what his parents don’t know won’t hurt him.” He chuckles and finally takes a bite of his sandwich. “How long ago did you arrive?”


Silas hungrily snatches up a sandwich after he finishes speaking and consumes it quickly, smiling back at Alex while he chews. "Yes, perhaps /London/ was not the problem. Turns out there are fellows who enjoy a rousing game of backgammon /everywhere/. Thank goodness for that." He gives a nod to Captain Windham, continuing. "I was withering away until Alexander arrived, oh... two months after I did? Seemed an eternity. But we've enjoyed each other's company for... nearly a year and a half now." He smiles at Alex again and looks back to Windham, grabbing some honeyed bread and cheese. "But what of you? Did I miss the story of what brought you here?"


"Yes, he did mention something about his leg not being suited for London. But what of the rest of you, Captain? Did you injure it in the line of duty? If you don't mind my asking, that is. Feel free to slap me upside the head if you /do/ mind. I'm used to it, what with my gran." Alex grins sheepishly and polishes off his second sandwich.


“I’m quite glad for that. I had assumed the playing of backgammon was not within the realm of possibility when I arrived.”  Simon takes a bite of his sandwich but nearly chokes on it. “A year and a half you say? I do not think I can fathom keeping someone’s company for so long. I should think I would go quite stir crazy.”  The captain takes a long drink of his wine before delving into his own story. “The abridged version is rather simple, I suppose. I was captain of the HMS Chimera, which was engaged in the Battle of Trafalgar a little over a year ago. We took three cannons to the side and I was a bit too close to one of them.” He shrugs and takes another drink of wine, though his hand shakes a bit. “My wounds were grave enough that they gave me last rites. I survived but nearly lost my leg.” He shrugs again, hoping to brush it off as inconsequential. “But it led me here. And if it hadn’t I should not be sitting here now, talking of backgammon.” He grins charmingly and takes another drink of wine, frowning a little when he realizes his glass is empty.


Silas' gaze flicks to Alex when the captain mentions going stir crazy, wondering how similar the two men are before turning his attention back to the captain as he tells his tale. Silas' brow furrows at the details but he can't help but smile at Captain Windham's charms. He stands and walks back to the bottles on the shelf. "What'll it be, Captain? More wine? Whiskey? How about for you, Alex?" He glances back to the captain, mulling over his story, feeling a strange kinship with it though the details are different from his own story. "That's a hell of an experience, Captain. Sounds like you were very unlucky and lucky all at once. I'm glad you're here. Do you miss it, though? The sea? Will you return, do you think?"


Alex quickly drains his glass and reaches it out toward Silas. "I would love more wine. Good stuff, that." To Captain Windham he continues, "I thought I'd go a little stir-crazy as well. Settling down wasn't exactly my style. Ah, in London I tended to seek out married ladies, or gentleman, as partners. No possibility of commitment there, you see. I even started a sort of No Marriage Club once I had arrived!" He winks at Captain Windham. "But..." He looks over at Silas, smiling. "Then I fell in love and realized what an idiot I am." He looks concerned as Windham tells his story and looks with interest when Silas asks if Windham will return.


“Whiskey, I think. I could use something a bit stronger than wine.” He smiles at Alex as he holds out his glass to Silas for a fresh drink. “A No Marriage Club? Sounds like just my type of organization. I admit I’ve fallen in love a few times, but anyone would be hard-pressed to convince me to settle down.” Turning back to Silas, Simon considers his response for a moment. “I do miss the sea, just not the war. It’s a truly ghastly thing. But regardless of how much I might love being on a ship, I doubt my leg would allow my return.” This brings a small frown to his face though he quickly resumes his bright smile. No need to ruin a good time, he figures.  “So are the courting and engagement only for show then? How will you continue to remain in one another’s company once you’ve been dragged into a marriage?” He looks curiously between the two of them, perplexed by the idea.


Silas walks the wine over to Alex and refreshes his glass, leaving the bottle with him and smiling sweetly, almost shyly, at Alex's assertion of love. Then he gets the whiskey from the shelf and pours a fresh glass for Captain Windham, handing it to him and topping off his own glass before sitting down again and pulling the blanket back over his shoulders, considering the man's words all the while. "It's a bit like that for me with the opera. Not the same maybe, but there's no going back. Not in the same way, anyway. But as for the ladies in our lives...," he pauses, brow furrowing, not entirely sure how to answer, looking to Alex for help. "They know about us and have no intention of keeping us apart... still... it's been a matter of great weight for us, because we do care for them. It may not be some ideal of marriage, but it's not entirely for show either - their happiness and comfort matters too."


Alex nods along with what Silas says. "We are friends, all four of us. And we all benefit from the arrangement, though I won't go into the ladies' reasons for it. But, ah, yes, as Silas says, we want to make sure everyone is happy long-term. No easy feat with something like this. Marriage and... talk of children and such." He grows a little pale and takes a healthy drink from his wine. He forgets himself and starts to reach for a third sandwich with his damaged hand, then stops, sets down his wine, and grabs a sandwich with his left hand. "Do you think you'll stay awhile in Tyrehampton, Captain?"

Simon accepts the glass back and takes a drink while listening to Silas explain -- sort of -- the relationship he and Alex have with their respective ladies. He does not pretend to understand, not entirely. It is not that he has never wished for someone's happiness and comfort, only that he has never wished for it enough to marry.  It helps when Alex explains a bit more, though he is forced to wonder what the ladies' reason for agreeing to such an arrangement might be. He notes how the man pales as the mention of children, and smiles knowingly at him. "Ah yes, that talk. Fortunately I have no one who would consider bringing up such foolishness." He pauses, making a bit of a face. "Not that it is foolishness for everyone, simply for me." Taking a bite of his sandwich, he considers Alex's question, having not really thought about it previously. "I am unsure, if I am honest. I suppose it depends on how it helps my leg and also how many friends I make. The fact that there are... backgammon players... in Tyrehampton is certainly appealing. It's easy enough to find the other sort of entertainment. Err... not that it is just entertainment, that is."


Silas' eyebrows go up a touch, curious. "The /other/ sort of entertainment? What would that be?" He smirks and looks to Alex, reaching out with his foot to tap his boot. "What do you think, Alex? Shall we give Captain Windham more reasons to stay?"


Alex laughs. "You know I /do/ enjoy being helpful. Tyrehampton is the sort of place that grows on you, no doubt. Why anyone should want to leave is beyond me, really." Alex is relatively sure Windham was speaking of ladies, but doesn't comment, letting the man answer for himself.


"Women, Mr. Turner. They  can be quite entertaining, though perhaps that is rather belittling. They are more than that, of course." Simon winks at the man, before turning to look between Silas and Alex, awaiting Alex's response.  At the man's cheeky answer, he grins. "I should very much like to see what those reasons might be. After all, I am not yet set on staying."


"Ahhh, women, right." Silas says a touch disinterested, though his recent experience with Mariah and Alex together was enjoyable enough. He takes a gulp of whiskey and slouches down into the chair a bit more, feeling warmer and pleasantly buzzed. "Hmm. Well we have a very nice library with lots of books," he teases.


Alex sits forward, looks to Windham, and exaggerates a whisper so that it wasn't really a whisper. "Silas doesn't much care for women." He leans back in his chair again. "You'll surely chase the handsome Captain off if your reason to stay here is books." He laughs. "Hmm... how about a nice river to swim in?"


Simon quirks one brow, shooting an amused smile at Alex at his feigned whisper. "Is that so? I daresay, sometimes I cannot blame you." He makes a face at the mention of books. It is not so much that he dislikes reading, more that he had simply read so much while convalescing that he thinks he might have read every book in existence. "I think I shall pass on the library. And the swim too, if you don't mind too terribly much my not drowning." He laughs at the thought of him attempting to swim. "I am sure you must have more interesting things to offer than swimming and books."


Silas' green eyes glitter at Alex's continuation of the jest. He tries to look serious, like he's thinking very hard. "Well then I don't suppose you'll much appreciate the fine tea at Mrs. Hatch's either." He shakes his head sadly. "Oh, well... there is decent hunting if you like that sort of thing. And Selkirk's Gentleman's Club for gambling and drinking. And some well-endowed, handsome gents, like that one over there," he nods to Alex with a smirk.


Alex smiles back at Silas, pleased. "Ah, now that's a very good reason, Silas! Better than books and tea, at any rate. I should add, since we are on the subject, that Silas also qualifies in both the well-endowed and handsome arenas as well. How are those reasons, Captain Windham?"


"Hmm, well let's see..." Simon takes a moment to admire the two men before him, pretending to consider his options, though he had to keep himself from grinning like a madman at the mention of both of them being well-endowed. "Whiskey is certainly preferable to tea, I could not ride a horse yet if I tried so hunting is right out... Selkirk's though, now that's an idea." He pauses, his eyes twinkling merrily as he makes them wait. "Though, I think I prefer handsome, and most especially well-endowed, when it comes down to it. Yes, I think those reasons will do very well indeed. Although, I fear that means you'd have to make do with me." He flashes a bright grin, looking between them with raised eyebrows.


Empty glass on the table, Silas, grinning and quite pleased by Alex's compliment and Captain Windham's playfulness, laces his fingers behind his head and pretends to assess the captain, glancing back at Alex for confirmation. "I don't have my eye glasses on, but it would seem to me that our dear captain /quite/ fulfills the handsome part of this. Dashingly so. What say, you Alex?" He looks meaningfully at Captain Windham again. "I'm afraid I simply can't speak to the other part with all of our clothes on." He shrugs, questioning eyebrows raised.


Alex is surprised how he has no jealous feelings. When Silas had previously mentioned his being with men as a counterbalance to Alex being with Mariah, the idea had felt like an aching pit in his stomach. But when he was here and part of it? He only felt aroused. He looks intently at the captain. "I would agree, dear Silas, that he is very handsome, and my eyes are in perfectly good working order. Perhaps we can find out the rest if we provide a little encouragement?" He drains his glass and stands, moving to Silas and works on untying his cravat. His left hand is clumsy with the task, though he manages it. He can already tell these next two months are going to be trying.


If Simon were a lady he would likely be blushing at the flattery. Fortunately, he is anything but. He watches with interest as Alex fumbles with Silas’s cravat, a lazy smile curving his lips. After a moment, he rises slowly and limps to the pair, pausing for a moment when he reaches them. Why is he suddenly nervous? He decides it must be that while he has certainly been with men before, it has never been with two at once. Hesitation is not in his nature though. Instead he smiles at them both and says to Alex, “Perhaps you need help with your own with that hand?”


Silas makes no attempt to hide his own arousal, watching Alex hungrily, after all, they had gone an /entire/ day without. His lifts his chin as Alex unties his cravat, making himself stay seated to allow Alex to lead the moment, aware that Alex might have mixed feelings, although if he did, he seemed more interested than not. He watches as Captain Windham makes his way over and offers to untie Alex's cravat. The man was bold but delightfully so. "It would seem we all enjoy being helpful. How virtuous we are," he chuckles and rises to his feet, trailing a hand up Windham's thigh, before standing eye-to-eye with him, though not getting in the way of his offer to Alex. He rests his other hand on Alex's waist, leaning in to kiss his shoulder, smiling at him, but watching his face for any sign of misgiving.


Alex smiles at Captain Windham. "How utterly thoughtful of you, sir. I /do/ think I need your help." He looks over at Silas as he stands and smiles back at him, pleased with the moment. His smile falters slightly as he removes Silas' cravat and starts to work on the buttons one-handed. He wonders for the millionth time why gentlemen have so many buttons. Though, a ladies' stays wouldn't be the easiest thing to navigate right now either.


"Virtuous? I'm not sure that is the word I would use." Simon’s eyes follow Silas's hand, a shiver running down his spine at the touch. He raises an eyebrow, though the want in his eyes is more than apparent. He holds the man's gaze for a long moment, before forcing himself to look away and work on Alex's cravat. "More than happy to help. I scratch your back, you scratch mine, so to speak." He grins and easily undoes the cravat, his hands intentionally going far slower than necessary and grazing Alex's skin lightly as he does.


Silas' hand squeezes Alex's side and then works slowly around to untuck his shirt. As Captain Windham busies himself with Alex's cravat, Silas leans toward the captain and kisses gently along his jawline, his other hand rising to pull loose the captain's cravat. He wishes he'd have had the chance to clean up and shave but at least the other gentlemen were in a similar circumstance. He smells faintly of sandalwood, and also charcoal and sweat.


Alex chuckles. "I'll happily scratch your back, captain." He closes his eyes briefly as Windham grazes the skin on his neck. He had been drowsy earlier, considering the poor night of rest, but he was wide awake and alert now. His eyes open again and he gives up on Silas' buttons, having gotten the waistcoat only half undone. He lowers his hand and slides it under Silas' shirt, already untucked from showing Windham his scars. He lightly traces his fingers over Silas' stomach as he turns his head to kiss Windham's palm.


Simon tilts his head a bit to give Silas better access to his jaw, his eyes fluttering shut for a brief moment at the touch. He opens them again at Alex's laugh, grinning back at him. The cravat seen to, Simon moves his hands lower to begin working at the buttons of the waistcoat. As he does this, he leans in closer to Alex, his breath soft and warm against the man's neck as he begins to kiss down it to his collarbone.


Silas pulls back for a moment to watch the captain kiss Alex's neck, enjoying the view, then steps around behind Captain Windham, arms encircling his waist, body pressed against him, fingers working nimbly to unbutton the captain's waistcoat. He kisses at the back of the captain's neck, glancing over his shoulder now and then so as not to miss what he and Alex are doing.


Alex glances at Silas as he moves and smirks as he moves behind Windham. Now that his good hand is free, Alex trails his fingers down Windham's chest and moves his hand over the front of his breeches. He turns his head to bring his lips to the captain's and kisses him.

Simon moves slightly so more of him is pressed against Silas, a slight shiver running down his spine at the feel of the man's lips at his neck. "That is quite wicked," he says quietly, his mouth still against Alex's throat. He finishes with the buttons of the waistcoat and slides it off over Alex's shoulders to remove it, his hands moving lower when it's gone to untuck the man's shirt. He happily kisses back as Alex moves his lips to his, making a small sound of pleasure.


Silas rocks against Captain Windham and then undoes the last button of the captain's waistcoat. He starts to pull it, along with the jacket, off both arms at once, pausing about halfway down so as to lightly capture the captain's arms in his own clothes. "Oh, it gets more wicked, still," he says quietly into the man's ear, looking up to Alex with a grin, giving Alex the chance to do what he will to the captain before unbinding him.


Alex pulls away enough to see what Silas is doing and then chuckles quietly. "Indeed it does. We are still in the parlor, after all. It's hard to be /truly/ wicked in a parlor." He kisses WIndham again, but only briefly before moving his lips down Windham's neck and to the part of his chest exposed by the neckline of his shirt. He unfastens the buttons on the captain's breeches and slips his hand inside.


Simon makes a small humming noise as Silas moves against him, though it stops abruptly as his arms become tangled in his jacket, pinned somewhat behind his back. He looks back over his shoulder at the man, a slow grin coming to his face before he glances back at Alex. "Wicked indeed, though I quite wonder what could possibly happen in /other/ locations." As the buttons on his breeches give way, and Alex's hand finds its way into them, he closes his eyes for a moment. His arousal is very apparent, and he moves as much as he's allowed to to capture Alex's lips again, before leaning back and turning his head to try and find Silas's.


Silas is only too happy to make the captain's efforts easier, craning his own neck to kiss him briefly, then more deeply, sighing into the pleasure of exploring unfamiliar lips, still holding the captain's arms entangled. After a few moments he pulls back and tugs the captain's waistcoat and jacket off the rest of the way, freeing his arms in the process. Silas turns to carefully place the garments over the back of the chair in case the captain's preferences for his clothes are scrupulous like Alex's. "Weeell," he nearly purrs, "the bath won't be ready yet, and the cellar's cold. I suppose the bedroom offers a comfortable alternative." He smirks but looks questioningly at Alex, leaving room for him to object if this makes him uneasy.


"My dear Silas, you are just full of brilliant ideas." Alex says, once his lips are free. He grins and watches Silas and Captain Windham kiss, becoming even more aroused by it. His hand strokes back and forth, but almost lazily, as if he's in no rush and doesn't mind a little teasing first. "We should head up there."

Simon is nearly disappointed when his mouth and Silas's are parted, and even more so when his arms are freed. Little games of that sort are always most fun. Still, at the tone of Silas's voice, he cannot help but smile wickedly at him. He's more than a bit distracted by the hand in his breeches though, his breath beginning to come in small pants. "Yes, I think upstairs seems quite a good idea just now."


"Mmhmm," Silas smiles, eyeing Alex's roving hand and stepping in to kiss his mouth. "And... I suppose that means you are now satisfied with Captain Windham's handsome features /and/ his endowment?" he teases, looking back to the captain, asking more seriously, "can you manage the stairs alright?"


Alex laughs. "Yes, he satisfies the endowment criteria quite nicely."  He waits to hear Windham's answer, wanting to make sure they aren't causing the fellow pain, and continues moving his hand.


Simon's eyes are a bit unfocused, though he glances between the men with a grin after a moment. "Glad to know I do not disappoint. I think I can manage the stairs fine. If I can manage at the Foxx's Den, I can certainly manage when there's a reward to be had at..." He makes a small pleasured noise, before continuing, " the top."


Silas grins at them both, eyebrows raised. "Excellent, then let's ensure that our dear captain stays motivated." He winks at Alex and gives Captain Windham a little slap on the ass, turning on his heel and leading the way upstairs, finishing the buttons on his waistcoat and shrugging out of it and his jacket as he goes, all while humming a raunchy tavern song that's been stuck in his head.




Some time later, Alex leans over and unties the cravat securing Captain Windham's wrists to the headboard, giving the man's arm a kiss before untangling his legs from Silas', hopping out of bed, and crossing the room to pour more whiskey out for them all, though it takes him a little longer as he must do so one-handed. As he gets off the bed he looks again at Windham's injured leg. He was surprised the man was walking around at all--the damage looked pretty bad. Not that it mattered to him personally--just felt bad for what the fellow had had to go through. "Can't imagine what it must have been like," he says, with a nod to Windham's leg.


Simon chuckles a bit as he pulls his arms down from above his head, grazing his fingers across Alex's cheekbone as he moves away from kissing his arm. Rubbing at one wrist, he watches as the man crosses the room, though his eyes drift back to Silas. He smiles lazily at the man before his eyes go back to Alex at his comment. Looking down at his leg, his eyes tracing the scars he knows so well, he shrugs a little. "I was a bit out of it for the worst of it from my understanding. Bad enough they gave me last rites. I do remember that part at least. Since then the hardest part was learning how to get around on it." He shrugs again as if it doesn't matter much to him. It caused quite a bit more pain at the time of the initial injury than he let on, but that kind of talk could be left out of the bedroom, he figures. Extending his arm, he runs a finger down Silas's shoulder then back up to play with his hair a little.

Silas smiles back at Captain Windham and sighs contentedly, edging closer, happy to have his hair played with and thinking about the captain's answer to Alex. His own fingers trail along the captain's side and trace around some of the scaring at his thigh. "I wish I'd acquired my scars for something more noble." He looks up at Captain Windham. "But they didn't expect me to make it either. I don't remember it, but my parents said a vicar sat with me through the worst of it." He's quiet for a moment and then continues. "Did you ever wish, as you recovered, that you hadn't survived?"


Alex gives Windham and Silas their drinks, one at a time, then grabs his own. He comes back to the bed and sits down near the other two men. "Goodness Silas, make things serious, why don't you?" He grins at Silas, but does wonder just how much Silas might have wished that. He knows the details of what Silas suffered but it's still hard to think about the reality of it all. He takes a sip of his drink and looks to Captain Windham.


Simon watches for a bit as Silas traces his scars. It seems unusual to have someone interested in them rather than avoiding so much as looking at them. Or worse, pitying him because of them. "I don't know that I'd call war noble. It's a ghastly thing with no winners in the long run, least of all those who are actually fighting it." He smiles nonetheless as Silas looks up at him, his eyes a bit sad. "Well, I am very glad you did make it. I did wish, many times, that I had died. Especially as I lay flat on my back being told I'd never walk again. I thought, what was the point in being alive in that case?" Alex brings him back to himself and he finds himself laughing in spite of himself. "It did get rather dark, didn't it?"


Silas gives the captain a hip squeeze a small smile of understanding, quietly pleased to know someone who experienced something difficult as he had. Then he turns to make room for Alex, thanking him for the drink, a playful smile back on his face. "We'll just have to keep Alex from the valley of despair as he learns to live with his own injury. One less hand for cocks and whiskey for... how long? Weeks?"


"Months!" Alex says exasperatedly. "Two months." He frowns at his hand and drinks deeply from his glass in an effort to console himself. He doesn't know much about life-endangering injuries, and therefore doesn't have much to contribute. "Well I, for one, am very pleased that you both survived." He leans forward and kisses Silas.


Simon smiles back at Silas, appreciating the knowing look in his eyes. It was nice to know a kindred spirit so to speak. "Oh, yes, we would not wish for /him/ to wish for death too. Not when there are other hands to be offered up to help with either of those things." He winks at Alex and grins, though it mellows a little at the man's declaration. "I am glad, now, of it. Especially here. Much worse ways to survive." Simon continues to play absently with Silas's hair as he watches the two men kiss.


Silas eagerly kisses Alex back and then sits up just enough to be able to drink his whiskey, feeling deeply content. "I am also glad of it. It's a bit harrowing to remember how I felt at the time compared to now. I sometimes miss the opera, and you know I miss London, but on the whole my life has gotten so much better. Largely because of you." He leans over to kiss Alex again, then he looks back over at Captain Windham. "I hope the same for you. That is... we may want different things from life, but I hope you find that, at least in time, what you've gained is more than what you've lost." He turns back to Alex, glancing at his hand. "I'm sorry about your hand. But I'm proud of you for helping someone, love."


Alex tries hard not to frown when Silas mentions missing London. It was a topic that was coming up /far/ too often for Alex's taste. He doesn't comment on that part, just drinks his whiskey. When Silas says he's proud of him, however, he can't help but smile. "It /is/ rather dashing, isn't it? Saving some stranger in distress? Well, I suppose it makes up for not being able to open wine bottles for two months. And since we have such a handsome new friend who is up to the task..." He gently pats the captain on his non-injured leg. "...nothing is lost then!"


Simon scoots up in bed to lean against the headboard, sipping at his whiskey. "Perhaps if I knew what it is I want from life, I should think that. For now I simply do what makes me happy at the time, whether or not it is lasting." He watches the other two with an amused smile, though he is a bit perplexed by Alex's expression after Silas's words about London. At Alex's bringing the conversation back to Simon, the captain grins and nods. "I certainly am happy to lend a hand, or whatever other body part might be required." He winks playfully and laughs.


Silas grins, eyebrow raised. "With such help as that, I rather regret not being currently injured." He gives Alex's side a little poke. "Captain Windham," he says curiously, turning his head to better admire the fellow's handsome face. "You mentioned being surprised to find backgammon players in Tyrehampton. Does that mean you haven't met others here yet?"


Simon laughs again, nearly choking on his drink. "Ahem... I am certain that it would be possible to make exceptions for a handsome gentleman such as yourself." Stretching out a bit more, he looks at them both for a moment before answering. "That does indeed mean that. Though, I confess I have not actively been seeking it out. Not until I noticed how very handsome -- and apparently well-endowed -- the two of you are. I find myself /quite/ thankful for the blizzard." Looking specifically at Alex, he nods toward his hand. "How is your recovery? I hope our fun has not injured it worse."


Alex looks at Silas in surprise as he mentions the /other/ backgammon players, but he turns his attention back to Windham. "Ah, no, you've both been very considerate of my infirmity, I thank you, sir." Alex grins and winks at the captain. "As much as we would like to keep you to ourselves, I suppose Silas is trying to be neighborly? I can't speak to whether we've found /all/ of fellow players in the area but Lord Donegal and Mr. Bickham are players, should you wish to make their acquaintance." He raises an eyebrow to Silas, as if to ask if this is what he had in mind.


Silas smiles at the captain's mention of being thankful for the blizzard, feeling similarly, all the discomforts of the previous day and night having faded. He nods at Alex's explanation, having wondered if they should name names, but should Captain Windham prove untrustworthy, he was as guilty as the rest of them. "Indeed. I can't speak for their current interest, but I'm sure they would be glad to know you." He narrows his eyes slightly realizing there's still a lot /he/ doesn't know about the captain. "Where are you staying while you're here? You mentioned Foxx's Den - do you have a room there?"


Simon’s eyebrows go up a bit in surprise though even he is uncertain whether it is because of there being others like himself and these two in such a small town, or surprise at Alex sharing names so readily. “I shall keep those names in mind should I tire of you fellows.” He smiles rather wickedly at the two, then turns to Silas with a questioning look, trying to understand his facial expression. “Yes, the Foxx’s Den. It may not be the /most/ comfortable lodging but it is quite adequate.” He grins after a second. “The bed there is miles less comfortable than this one though.”


Alex notes the surprise on the other gent's faces when he says the names. He isn't too concerned. Captain Windham is clearly one of them. If you can't trust one of your own, then you truly couldn't trust anyone and Alex prefers not to live with that mindset. Besides, he knows Spencer would be more than happy for the recommendation. Or, at least he would have been pre-Nadine. He isn't entirely sure what that situation is now. But oh well, not his business. He grins when Windham mentions the beds. "Ah, yes, Silas and I have put a good amount of money into our bedding. Considering how much time we spend here, it just makes sense." He looks over at Silas to confirm his next statement. "If you occasionally tire of your bed and wish for the comfort of ours, I think we would be alright with that. And having said that, I think perhaps we could drop the last name formalities and you can just call me Alex."


Silas grins back at Captain Windham and looks to Alex, surprised and pleased at his offer. He nods readily in agreement and kisses Alex's shoulder, turning back to the captain. "And you can call me Silas." He then affects a more dramatic air, and speaks in his best proper-but-eager-lady voice, pretending to half-swoon at the captain's shoulder. "And I /quite/ agree with Alexander. Captain Windham, your company has been /such/ a pleasure. You simply /must/ visit us again. My nerves will not tolerate disappointment." He bats his lashes at the captain before breaking into a grin again.


“Well then Silas and Alex, I /suppose/ you could call me Simon.” Simon feigns a beleaguered sigh though he cannot help but smile immediately afterward. Simon pretends to be distressed by Silas’s nerves, nodding worriedly. “Oh well I should not wish to disappoint you so terribly. You may expect me to call on you as often as you require. Consider me at your beck and call.” He laughs at the batted eyelashes, leaning forward to kiss the man for a moment. Pulling away he looks to Alex. “And you? Will you wither away if I fail to visit?”


Alex laughs and finishes off his drink. "Wither away? I'm not sure about all that, Simon. But I will certainly share in dear Silas' disappointment." He rises from the bed to pour himself another glass of whiskey. "You've mentioned not being fond of swimming or hunting. What activities are you fond of? Ah, besides the ones we have engaged in thus far. Riding? Fishing? Cards, perhaps?"


Silas happily kisses Simon in return and smiles at both men's easy laughter, knocking back the rest of his drink and settling back a little against the headboard, warm and content. "Simon, Simon. That's a nice name. Did anyone call you Sy in your youth as well? My brother still calls me that." He watches Alex get up for more whiskey, and tries to decide if he wants more too. "Good question, Alex." He looks to Simon, curiously. "Certainly sex can't occupy /all/ of your time, Simon. Or... are you still figuring out what you like now that things have changed?"


Simon's eyes follow Alex as he crosses to get more whiskey. He smiles at Silas's question and shrugs. "My brother never called me much of anything. We were never close. At the Academy they called me Win." Finishing his drink, he leans over precariously to set his glass on the table. "I was fond of swimming once. And riding. I've yet to try riding since Trafalgar, but I'm certain swimming would be ill-advised. I quite enjoyed reading for a while, but I could swear I've read about all that is out there now. Cards are quite enjoyable still though. My great love, if ever I've had one, is astronomy. I grew to love the stars at sea and the love has never left me even through my recovery." He shrugs, coloring a bit at having talked so much about himself, quickly redirecting things back to them. "And yourselves? I could easily see spending all your time in bed, as handsome as you both are, but I would imagine there are other things which entertain you as well."


Alex pours out whiskey for himself as he listens to the others. "I love just about anything out of doors, really. Walking, swimming, fishing, riding, hunting... I've yet to try my hand at cliff climbing, but fully intend to do so." He hesitates, then adds. "And if you /did/ want to try swimming again, I'm happy to go with you. I once saved Mr. Rowley from drowning in the river when the poor sot fell in. He couldn't swim at all. So I /do/ have experience in watery rescues." He chuckles and holds up the bottle questioningly to see if either of them wish for more.


Silas smiles at Simon's reply, enjoying his explanation of loving the stars. He looks to Alex, frowning slightly to himself that Alex still seems determined to try cliff climbing, wondering again if that's such a good idea. He holds up his empty glass to Alex as if to ask for more. "I know of no other who likes being outside as much as Alexander," he says fondly. "I have grown to like it more with his good company, but I've always been drawn to the offerings of man, I suppose. Theater, the opera, grand halls for dancing and games and drinking. Tyrehampton is but a shadow of London in that regard, but I dearly love some of the people here and the quiet has been good for my studies, though I hate to admit it. I'm studying to be a barrister like many others in my family. Just a few more months to go." He smiles a little hopefully at Alex. "Oh, but if you love astronomy, Simon, you might find a friend in Mr. Creasey, the vicar. Of course.... that would mean intentionally spending time with the vicar - I'm not sure that's worth it but he does love the stars. I sometimes see him out at night with his telescope. Uh, he's a neighbor of ours, you see. A bit unfortunate, that." He smirks.


Simon grabs his glass again and holds it out for more whiskey, a lazy smile curving his lips. “I suppose it cannot hurt to make an attempt if there is a rescuer nearby.” He winks at Alex before turning to Silas. “I never have had the opportunity for such civilized diversions. Since I joined the Academy at 13 and went to sea at 16, I missed quite a bit that others had the pleasure of enjoying.” He shrugs it off. It matters little now. He has all the time in the world to immerse himself now. “I would think being a barrister, especially here, would be quite dull after London. /Do/ you plan to remain here?” At the mention of the vicar he nods appreciatively. “I certainly wouldn’t turn down stargazing with a fellow lover of astronomy. Though...” He considers for a brief moment. “I think I should be happier if the two of you joined me one night. I could teach you what I know.”


Alex picks up the bottle and cheerfully pours more whiskey out for the other two fellows, being a little more careful about it as he has to use his left hand. He frowns when Silas /again/ brings up how terrific London is but is quick to smile again as if nothing is wrong. He does /not/ look at Silas when Simon asks him if he plans to remain in Tyrehampton and is quick to discuss astronomy instead. "You know, I'd always been intrigued by the subject of astronomy but never inclined to try my hand as the only fellow I knew with knowledge of the subject was the vicar. But if you have an interest, well! I think I for one should greatly enjoy joining you and perhaps learning more about it." He crosses to the dresser and places the bottle back on top of it. He grabs his own glass and comes back to the bed, sitting down on it.

As Simon speaks, Silas wonders about the man's upbringing and if he'd been born poor or without much opportunity. He remembers feeling regret about not running off to sea himself but Simon's injury certainly took the sheen off of that fantasy. "Thank you, love," he gratefully nods to Alex when his glass is refilled and he looks back to Simon to answer his barrister question. "Uh, I hope to remain here. I may need to travel to London or elsewhere a few times a year but there is a courthouse in Template Village which isn't terribly far. Though... to be honest, there's a great deal I'm still unsure about." Perfectly happy to discuss a less fraught subject, he smiles broadly at Simon's stargazing offer and nods enthusiastically at Alex's reply. "Yes! Once the weather warms I would be delighted to go out into the night too. You must teach us everything you know. Perhaps even a bit about astronomy too," he teases. His gaze lingers on Alex as Alex finishes the whiskey task, wondering if Alex in bothered by something he's not saying. Surely if he wasn't happy about having Simon here after all, he wouldn't talk enthusiastically about future plans with him? Perhaps his hand is hurting worse than he's letting on? Silas offers to hold Alex's glass as he rejoins them in bed. "Are you alright, love? Do you need something more for your hand?"


Simon notices Alex's frown, his own brow ticking down a moment before offering the man a questioning smile. Though, it is obviously none of his business what might pass between Alex and Silas. Instead of commenting, he takes a long drink of his now-full glass after lifting it in a silent toast to the pair. "I should be quite happy to teach whatever it is you might wish to know. Including astronomy." He grins and gives Silas a wink, though he spares one for Alex as well. More than enough to go around as far as he's concerned. "Your hand is bothering you? Why didn't you say so? Perhaps I should take a look at it. I do have some combat trauma training from the Navy, and I'm sure it would translate to non-combat related injuries as well. At the very least we could find some snow and ice it again."


His hand is another topic Alex isn't too keen to discuss. He notes Silas' offer to hold his drink while he sits but he keeps his drink in his own hand, giving Silas a slight head shake. His lips press into a thin line as Silas, and then Simon, both ask after his well-being. "I'm fine, Silas. And my hand is fine. Just an annoyance really, Simon, nothing more." He takes a healthy sip of his whiskey, looking at Silas over the rim of his glass as he does so. "Ah, but thank you both for your concern," he adds, almost as an after-thought. He tries to turn the discussion back to a topic that isn't London or his hand. "What got you into this astronomy business, Simon? I assume the interest came from all your time on ships?"

"If you're certain. Though we probably should have a look at it again at some point -- if not me then Mrs. Adams." Simon shrugs and takes another drink before answering Alex's question, using the time to think about the answer. Sometimes he wasn't sure /which/ came first, the love of the sea or the love of the stars. "I think... honestly, I don't know. I always did love the night sky, I suppose. Though I did not have an occasion to truly learn about it until the Academy. Then I learned how truly wonderful it is. You can sail without a compass or sextant or anything if you need to, so long as you have the stars." He realizes he's going on a bit and his cheeks flush. "I apologize. It's a bit of a passion, I guess you could say.”


The three men continue getting to know each other the rest of the day. It isn’t until the following day that roads are packed down enough to make travel safe and so Windham ends up spending the night at the Stanton/Turner residence as well, to no one’s disappointment.

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So I had to make another account to post this (The new site was not liking my old log in credentials.  I have been having tech problems all week actually), but I wanted to say my first reaction to this was "I'm glad Silas likes this Simon," and my second was "Mr. Rowley was mentioned!!!!"  That made me laugh out loud.  Good to see a story from you folks <3

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Glad you liked it! We've more scenes coming. Been inactive for a while, I know, but that's changing. <3

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