Apathy: an insight on Mrs. Grove's character, Miss Aubrey Grove's life in America, and how she came to England  

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Mrs. Groves was doing the usual chores that she did everyday, cleaning the house, cooking the food, cleaning the other houses in her neighborhood for her small amount of pay, and so forth. It was hard work, and every night she collapsed on her bed and would almost instantly fall asleep.

"Mother?" She would here a child call for her, holding a hastily sewn together teddy bear.

Mrs. Groves would sigh to herself, not that she was angry at the child, for how could she be angry at one of her own? No, she sighed because she was just simply tired. Nevertheless, she had to pull through for a little longer.

"What is it my dear?" She would tilt her head and muster a crooked attempt of a gentle smile on her life stricken face.

"Can you tell me a story?" The six year old tilted her head, she always asked for this every night, and, already knowing the answer, started to turn towards her room, ready to run there when her mother said yes.

"...Of course my dear..." The woman would drag herself out of the oh so comfy bed, at least, it seemed so to her. She would then follow her energetic child into her room, already preparing a story in her mind.


"See? You go like this, and then that." She showed her child the proper way to clean a window, and as usual, her now eleven year old daughter was catching on quickly.

Mrs. Groves watch her little Aubrey - well, that's her name, I forgot to mention that, clean one of their two windows on their small, homey cottage. She rocked in her cheaply made rocking chair for hours, the creaks lulling her to sleep. She allowed them to lull her because she happened to have a day off, and decided to spend that time teaching her child how to clean windows, as we can see now.

The last thing she thought before she fell asleep, was how physically resilient her daughter was becoming...and how that terrified her. Because she knew that the resilience her daughter had was only skin deep, and felt the ignorance of the world that child had with each glance across the sea nearby.

Yes, it terrified her, because it made her realize she was failing as a mother, and didn't know how to fix it without letting her precious girl be harmed in the process, just like her.

Mrs. Groves thought all this before falling asleep, and when her daughter woke up, it was time for Mrs. Groves to make dinner.


"Mother? What was father like?" her now fifteen year old daughter rested her head on her mothers lap, watching the middle aged woman sewing a new dress for her. As she watched, the thought came into her mind randomly, and she decided to ask.

Mrs. Groves instantly stopped her needlework. To young Aubrey, this looked like her mother was annoyed with her question, but all Miss Groves could feel at that moment was numbness. An aching and never ending numbness.

Mrs. Groves remembered being Alice Groves, she remember talking with her friends at the age of sixteen, she remembered meeting that man, that high and mighty English Earl, and she remembered the way he swept her off her feet.

She remembered the good times, and the bad times. She remembered when he promised to marry her, and would then always delay it every few months, making an excuse every time that Alice never realized was false during then.

Alice remembered the day she told him he was expecting, she remembered the look on his face, she remembered him walking out the door, saying he recalled that he had to meet an important business man, and had to leave immediately. She remembered him not saying anything about coming back.

She remembered realizing six months later that he would never come back.

She stared at her daughter intently, remembering all of this. Instead of telling the truth to her just yet, that can wait until a year later, she decided to start off with the positives.

"Your father is an excellent piano player." Mrs. Groves would reply quietly, a small and crooked smile planted on her face.


Mrs. Groves stared at the letter she received from the mail, recognizing the seal instantly.

'My love, have you come back at last?' She would think to herself before opening the letter in a haste.

After reading the letter only once, she knew that wouldn't be the case, he wouldn't be coming back, because now he was dead. She was thankful that one of the acquaintances who knew of her relationship with Aubrey's father had been nice enough to give her the news.

She had no time to accept the fact before she remembered his home, England, the land America came from, his home...she then looked towards her daughter's direction.

Her daughter, now eighteen, was a young woman, if she had been in at least a below middle class family in America, she would be what all the men strove after, she would have made many friends, and she surely would have gotten a decent education.

Instead, her daughter had never even laid eyes on a man, she'd never conversed with women her age, and the only things she knew how to do were housework and reading.

But Mrs. Groves looked beyond all that, and looked deep into her daughters eyes, eyes focused on washing the dishes around her.

'Eyes of apathy,' thought Mrs. Groves.

Suddenly she had an idea, an idea that she would have never thought had this letter not come.

'England, the land where America came from, his home...'

'...Her home...'


Mrs. Groves knew how her daughter would react, with complete shock, the idea of her being separated from her mother was too much for her to handle.

Nevertheless, it had been settled, the old acquaintance from earlier had been nice enough to lend her most of the money needed for the trip. "No need to pay be back!" He would wright in his last letter to the mother. "I owe her father this much!"

It took her around sixth to seven months to get the rest of the money, but she finally did it, and as she waved to her daughter, who had fainted from the shock of the matter, and said goodbye to her, possibly forever.

And at that moment, Mrs. Groves smiled, not that crooked smile that was worn down by the world, but the smile of Alice Groves, who met her lover for the first time.

And for the first time since she fell in love with him, she had achieved happiness once again.

And she did it by doing what she knew would make her daughter happy.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            - END


((I hope you enjoyed the story, not only was this to help you give an insight on Aubrey's mother, but also on how the Groves lived in America, and how Aubrey came to England in the first place.Plus I wanted to test my writing skills and see what the others thought of it. I hope I did this right, thank you!))

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