June Patch Release Notes  

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New In This Patch

Morning calls

We have added a new feature:  morning calls.   This allows players to leave calling cards and have drop-in visits.  For details see the knowledge base for Morning Calls.  Knowledge Base - Morning Calls  

To facilitate morning calls, all now come with a butler.  Clicking on the butler allows you to leave a card for a resident of the house.  Owners of the house will be able to rename their butlers, but the UI for that is not yet implemented.


We have added the beginning of an AI system that allows more flexibility for players without player servants.  Our first example is the footman who accompanies new players to Mrs. Hatch for the first time and arranges introductions through her butler. 

Fixed  in this release

The addition of accessories caused some furniture to misbehave in response.  We believe we have fixed all cases of misbehaving furniture.  Those who followed the latest trend of leaving their furniture in the street might want to bring it back inside now.

We have prevented the roaming bands of horses that were causing such distress and turned the horses back on.  

Known Issues


  • MAC build is still broken. We now have a solution that might fix the latest OS upgrade breaking our networking.  We plan on making this our next highest priority
  • We dropped frame rate about 3 – 5 frames per second in this build. We will be optimizing the client and server as part of our next patch.
  • Sabotage is back in, but it’s frail. If you make any mistakes along the way it can break the entire story.  Making the story system more resilient to mistakes is also on our optimization check list.
Posted : 05/06/2018 4:02 pm

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