Introducing Sir Leon Ramsey  

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Sir Leon Ramsey. 28 years old, never married. 

He recently inheired his farther's lordship and estate. To get there you will have to ride in carriage for almost half a week, but there is a lot of fresh air and friendly people in the surrounding town. His reasons for coming to Tyrehampton was that his uncle Rowland and his widowed mother belived that it was about time for him to find a suitable partner.  He himself doesn't think much about what qualities such a lady should posses as long as they are able to keep a conversation going and that there is at least some kind of friendly feelings between them. His parents marriage were arranged and although it was a succes, his parents weren't happy together. He has yet to fall in love himself, which is why his mother and uncle thought that it was about time they really put him out there, and honestly they just want someone with at least some status in society to become his wife. 

Most people would discribe him as kind, a bit stubborn but an overall lovely gentleman. He is the second oldest child of 4 but his older brother James died a few years back after having been thrown off his horse during a hunt. He has two younger sisters who are already married off. 

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