Cannot dismount + Return the sheep bug  

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A couple of bugs I noticed while playing the tutorial on Windows:

1. A lot of the time my character is stuck on the horse and when I click on the 'mount' button additional horses spawn that follow the movement of the actual horse I'm riding.

2. The 'Return the sheep' quest cannot be completed if when the first time the player tries to use the rope no sheep is selected for interaction (at least I guess this could be the reason). After this failed first try selecting the sheep and using the rope doesn't work, they won't follow.

3. Also, the rope cannot be deleted from the inventory.

4. The butler in the parlor called me 'Miss' even though I was playing with a male character 🙂


Posted : 21/02/2019 12:52 pm
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Thanks for the feedback.  I will pass this along.





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