A short list of bugs and feedback for you  

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Let me start by saying I love the idea you're going for here and I really hope it succeeds in the future! I can see you have a long ways to go though, so I hope some of this info helps a little 🙂


Bugs - 

1. An issue where saying "Good day" to the shepard in one of the tutorial quests  does not complete the objective.

2. An issue where the UI element that represents the character you have selected has an invisible element that overlaps the 'x' which shuts the writing desk, leading to confusion on how to close the writing desk menu

3. When traveling to another instance (The Estate or other villages) the character's inventory did not persist between scenes. This meant I couldn't try and claim a house in the other village, which led to frustration

4. An issue where the door in the starting house won't open when clicked, leaving the only way out to try to get in the carriage from the window.

5. Some of the story titles in the "Stories" tab of the writing desk overlapped, making it very difficult to select the "Find a House" story

6. I believe the tutorial was supposed to have a "?" to show you what to click on, as indicated by the tutorial text, but it was nowhere to be seen.

7. Running the game at lower than my native screen resolution meant the click zone for buttons was wildly different from where the button appeared on screen. Frustrating till I restarted the game and set it to my native resolution.


Feedback -

1. Some of the fonts are really hard to read because of size or style. The cursive font is good for the setting for sure, but selecting a clearer one might be helpful. At the very lease, increasing font size wherever you can will help!

2. When trying to get around, I got myself stuck behind a very long fence I couldn't jump over on the left side of the map, and it wasn't fun walking all the way back around it to keep going, even on horseback. I'd recommend either having some breaks in the fence or allowing the horse to jump over fences.

3. The camera movement on horseback can be very jarring when going over steep terrain, I'd see what you might be able to do to stabilize it.

4. Clicking on items/people to interact with them feels really bad right now, like I don't know if my click is going to activate the object or not, leading me to spam clicking on it. Some effect like a glow around the object/person or a different cursor when hovering over the object would help that immensely.

5. One of the first steps of the tutorial has the player try to change which of their stats has a bonus to it. I spent probably 10 minutes trying to click minus on Status or plus on Kindness, but it kept throwing the error message "You must change the - first!" or "You must change the + first!", which led to me being very confused about how it was supposed to work. After some time I worked out that you had to select a different one before you could change the one it's on, but it was very frustrating in the meantime. One of those situations where you learn "Yes, the player really can be that stupid". I would recommend changing that text to something like "A stat cannot be boosted and lowered at the same time!" or something of the sort, otherwise people who REALLY want to select Kindness as their boosted stat like me will get stuck in the endless loop.

6. I had no idea what the Task Panel toggle button did for a solid 30 minutes, and assumed it was broken until I got a story task and saw it changed. Might be worth making the task panel more noticeable while it's on, even if it's empty.


Posted : 28/06/2018 11:15 pm
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Thank you very much for your feedback.  


Please send an email to support@3turnproductions.com so I can discuss some suggestions that may be specific to your system that I will not discuss in a public setting.





Posted : 29/06/2018 12:39 am

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