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Find here descriptions of the most recent events from the developers

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June Patch Release Notes

General Discussion

Come, we must gossip

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Login Issues

Player Introductions

Please us by bestowing your countenance upon our presence

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Character Introductions

Prithee, introduce yourself

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Miss Velouria Gardener

Ongoing Stories

Tales of the day

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Wedding Night Jitters

The Post Office

Letters most fine

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Tyrhampton Gazette - June 18--

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General Discussion

Beta? What be this mysterious Beta you speak of

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Unable to download game (windo...

Bug Reports

Squash the raffish things!

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trouble logging in

Favorite Features

Why, I prefer the wondrous balls myself

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To: Miss Amelia Tinley, From: ...

Request for Enhancements

What could possibly make this wonderful land more endearing?

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Titles for Men


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